Best Xbox Live Windows 10 Games for Phones and Tablets

Are you a game freak and have a very good hand and eye coordination? Choose from a wide range of the best games from Xbox Live Windows and have a fantastic experience. The Xbox app is available as part of the Windows 10 packages and provides you with a fantastic gaming experience. To cater to your needs and preferences, there are plenty of games that are available.

Most of the online games available in Xbox gaming device offer a great gaming experience for you. The graphics are wonderful, and you can have a real life feeling. So, let us have an idea of some of the best games that you can play online anytime.

Some of the best Xbox mobile games

Halo Spartan Strike / Halo Spartan Assault:  This is one of the popular action games that you can play. This is a shooter game that is based on the Halo universe. The game has high definition graphics along with a superb audio track. You can play it with a keyboard, mouse, touch or an Xbox controller.

Minecraft – Windows 10 Beta / Pocket Edition: This is another hit among gaming enthusiasts. It is a game where your creative skills are challenged. Since its launch, the game has been continuously updated with newer and better features, such as survival mechanics, boss fights, and crazy inventions and so on.

Age of Empires – Castle Siege: This is a combination of popular games like RTS and Clash of Clans. As a player, you can make strategies and invade castles, lay siege on the army, place your fortifications and so on.

Asphalt 8: If you like racing games, then this is for you. It consists of around 140 high-performance cars and has around 40 arcade-style racing. It also offers you multiplayer support of up to 12 players.

Tiny Troopers: Tiny Troopers is a three-dimension shooter game that enables you to command a squad of cartoon soldiers and cover 30 levels. It also has a mobile casino version.

Tentacles: Enter the Mind: You can play this game by using your keyboard and mouse. It lets you control an organism that looks like a squid with tentacles. It has a mystique theme to it.

AlphaJAX: AlphaJAX is a part of the Xbox version of Scrabble. You can play this game across different operating systems like Windows 10, 8 and Windows Phone. This is basically a word game.

Modern Combat 5: This is an all-out first-person shooter game where you combat enemies and shoot them down. You can be played with 360 Xbox controllers or on your computer.

Dungeon Hunter 5: It is a game is a combat game based on a magical theme. It has a bright interface and good graphics.

Hitman GO: This is a puzzle game and not to be confused with the original Hitman game. It does have elements of Hitman but does not have the element of a shooter game.

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