Five PS4 Exclusives An Xbox One Only Gamer Would Want The Most On Xbox One

I’m in the fortunate position of owning both an Xbox and a PS4, so exclusive titles aren’t really an issue for me, but that wasn’t always the case. For a long time I only had an Xbox, and I know a lot of people that for one reason or another only have a Xbox. One of the things I tell people who ask what console to buy is to consider what exclusive titles they would like to play the most. Right now I would say Sony is beating Microsoft as far as exclusive titles go, and I know Microsoft is aware of the issue.

There are some really good games on PS4 that are exclusives that I would love to see come over to Xbox, these games are so good I think they deserve a bigger audience.

The Last Guardian

This game has a really cool look to it, and I find the gameplay compelling due to the fact it’s something different. It kind of reminds me of the film A Never Ending Story, it takes both the player, and the bird/dog/cat like creature to work together to beat the game. This game was develop by a Japanese developer, and it shows in the art style. Normally I’m not into this type of game, but I really enjoyed it.

Horizon Zero Dawn

I can’t recall ever playing a game like this one before, it has robot dinosaurs. It also has a lot of rpg elements to it, like upgrading skills and equipment, I love a good rpg, and it looks really great especially on a PS4 Pro.

Anything by Naughty Dog

Except the first Uncharted game I didn’t think it was that great, but everything after the first one is really good. If you’re not familiar with the series they have an Indiana Jones vibe going on. The Last of Us also by Naughty Dog is really good as well, it’s a zombie apocalypse type game. I’m usually not a big fan of zombie games, but the story is really good, as well as the game play.

No Mans Sky

Now this game got really beat up when it released for not living up to what the developer promised, and rightfully so, but there have been a number of patches for the game, and from what I hear recently it’s a much better game then it was when it came out. I’ll have to try this one again.

Infamous Second Son

I think this is the first PS4 game I played after I bought the console. it’s a sequel to Infamous. In the game you get powers that you can use for good, or not so good, and it has some rpg elements to it that I really like.

These are games that I played, that I know some of my Xbox only friends would like to play as well. Are these games likely to come out for Xbox you might ask? No, and thats too bad because I think these are games that deserve to be played by as many people as would like to. Are there other games that deserve the same attention? You bet, but I wanted to stick with games that I had actually played.

Some folks will say why not buy both systems? Well that’s not always an option, and sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. For example I wouldn’t mind playing the new Mario game coming out this holiday season, but my thing is this is the only game I want to play on the Switch, and I can’t justify spending the money just for one game.

So what have you played that Xbox players might like to play? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

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  1. All these games are garbage.

    • Both Microsoft and Sony should definitely take ques from each other. Naughty Dog needs to go 3rd party already like Bungie did.

  2. Not my preference and I think I speak for the Xbox base. I’m sure these are great games but these will put me to sleep. I would rather play Fortnite.

    • If they’re great games, why would they put you to sleep? And considering the variety noted in the list, to say that none of them are to your preference- without having played any of them- shows a bit of fanboyism on your part.

      • It’s simple they’re not my preference. You finding that hard to believe shows how much a fanboy you are. A game can be great because everyone else likes it but single-player experiences put me to sleep.

        • A game is great because it’s great, not because anyone in particular likes it.

          That you could look at the large variety of said “great games” available and say they put you to sleep because they’re not your preference- despite at least some of those games certainly being in the same genre that you DO prefer- says more about your own fanboy nature than anything.

          Oh, and, uh, the X1X not cleverly hidden in your name might be a hint, too.

          • No shet it’s obviously there in my name ya doofus LOL! I’m fully aware of that and sure someone with a brain can figure it out. WOW!

            Anyways, where in the list of these games you claim that is in my preference? I’m more of a multipayer guy and would prefer Fortnite over all these games.

            So I might prefer PC and Xbox over PS4 but I don’t share the same fanboy sentiments as you in trying so hard to decipher of how I can claim a game is great yet it would put me sleep. Now that’s some fanboy “feels” right there. It’s not complicated buddy.

    • I personally really want all Japanese games like DANGANRONPA SERIES to come to the XBOX ONE. Those Japanese games would definitely help increase Xbox One sales in JAPAN.

  3. I really want to play DANGANRONPA one the XBOX ONE.

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