Xbox One X Can Run Xbox 360 Games At Native 4K; OG Xbox Games At Close To 4K Says Xbox Exec

The Xbox One X just got some amazing news thanks to Xbox exec Albert Penello‏ who on Twitter just confirmed that some Xbox 360 games will be able to run at native 4K (2160p) resolution on the Xbox One X. This is due to the Xbox One X being able to run Xbox 360 games at 9x the resolution which works out at 3x the actual number, so if an Xbox 360 game originally ran at 720p native then on the Xbox One X it will run at Native 4K.

Original Xbox games will also get a significant bump in resolution as the Xbox One X will allow those games to run at 16x the resolution which works out at 4x the actual number. This means if the game was running at 480p on the original Xbox then it will run at 1920p on the Xbox One X which is close to native 4K. Original Xbox games will also get a bump on the Xbox One S but not as much as the Xbox One X, original Xbox games will run at 960p.

This is incredible news for backwards compatibility fans who are buying the Xbox One X. It’s going to make it even more worthwhile checking out your old games again with the massive increase in resolution.

What do you think about this news? Has it interested you more in the Xbox One X? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Native 4K? That’s marketing for you, if you’re dumb enough to fall for it. Native means that’s where it originally came from. Xbox and Xbox 360 games weren’t developed in 4K from the get-go so they’re therfore not Xbox One or Xbox One X native 4K games are they? They’re up-res games. Microsoft, this many years in and still lying to your consumers. A-holes…..

  2. This is the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard of. Lol.

    720p doesn’t magically become native 4k. Keep pushing that snake oil tho.

    • This comment is stupid. Emulators on PC right now can up resolution games, hence 4k Zelda. The xbox is doing the same thing, by using the emulation to up the resolution without touching the original code. This is not stupid, this is an amazing leap for older games. The Ps2 games available on PS4 do the same thing, bump the resolution up to 1080p. Again, nothing stupid, this is a genius move to give a little more shine to older titles.

      • You clearly don’t understand how textures and upconverting work, do you? It don’t become native 4k because it’s upconverting. That’s the point.

        • The resolution can be upped to native 4k, and that has nothing to do with textures. It is a straight resolution increase, which in turn makes those older textures cleaner to look at. Sure they are not 4k textures, but the resolution increase to 4k is absolutely possible. They are not true 4k games, but lets be realistic, THEY ARE XBOX 360 games. Gosh.
          What really bugs me about this comment is that the PS4 pro, literally increases the resolution without texture improvements over the standard box, and no one complains. The Xbox offers this on older titles and everyone loses their minds. I love my pro, but anyone can tell you, its just a resolution increase, nothing more.

          • It cannot be native 4k. That’s the point. You just said it. They are not 4k games, upconverting is not native. How difficult is it to understand that a game designed in 480p does not become native because it upconverts? And textures that use more pixels, in NATIVE 4k have everything to do with it.

            And who said anything about the PS4? People still bash the PS4 Pro on Reddit for the same reason. Every. Single. Day.

          • The resolution is 4k, we are talking resolution, not game assets. Like seriously how hard is this. The resolution can be native 4k through the emulator. NATIVE 4k literally means the resolution and nothing else.

            People seem to miss the obvious fact that everything else the X brings is just bonus. Higher resolution textures, extra details and all that stuff has nothing to do with 4k. Resolution is a sliding scale based on output. A game that is upscaled is a game that pushes a resolution, then upped to output to a display. That is not what they are doing here. They are pushing the resolution through the emulator to output a higher pixel count than the game was original designed for. Same how I play Zelda at 4k on my PC.
            You are right in your statement that 480 cannot become native due to upconversion but this is not what is actually happening. They are forcing the game to run at a higher RESOLUTION, natively up to 4k due to screen output.
            I can run halo 3 on my One S right now and it will output at 4k upscaled, but it doesnt change the look of the game or the size of the pixels. A resolution bump through an emulator will affect the size of the pixels. Hence the 4k statement being made. This really isnt rocket science. Go download any other emulator in the world, and change the resolution. It will push more pixels than originally designed.

            Conclusion. Not upconverting anything, forcing an increased resolution through emulation.

          • NO thats not how it works….Clearly you don’t know anything about computers other than how to turn one on and how to surf the internet….There is NO magical switch to make something 4k that was designed to be 4:3 480p or 480l. That doesn’t make it 4k PERIOD……Things back then were NOT designed for 4k, were not considered for 4k, 4k DID NOT EXIST…..Those PC games people go on about IF its not designed for 4k ITS NOT 4K…It doesn’t matter what your monitor or your television tell you period. I guarantee, I could go get an old DVD and pop it in, my TV will tell me its 1080p because its playing on my blu-ray player……

            There is no universe where ANY of the OG XBox designed at 480 i or p 4:3 games OR the 360 games that 720p and below(FYI 360 coudln’t do native 1080p) are going to be NATIVE 4k as they are claiming, its literally NOT possible without a lot of work redoing assets and textures……PERIOD I know I have degrees in this stuff, there is NO magical switch for things not designed for 4k, its massively upscaled which is NOT native…..

          • Oh my god. did you read the article? Honestly, a game designed at 4:3 has a resolution of 1920p. This is a resolution increase. Your argument is hilarious, because I know nothing about computers. I can up the resolution of a 2001 game called Tony hawk by forcing a higher resolution through a config file. The game was not made to run at that higher resolution, but it can still hit that resolution, because we are talking about RESOLUTION, which is literally a sliding scale. Your argument about not being native 4k is incorrect because it is indeed an output resolution of 4k through a resolution increase. This has nothing to do with a game being built for 4k. I can run half life at 4k, was it designed that way no, but I can because again, a sliding scale.
            You talk about degrees in this stuff, thats great and all, but you miss the point to fit a strange narrative about texture work and assets, which has nothing, literally nothing to do with the resolution. PC games have had the ability to push the resolution beyond their original intentions, this is the exact same thing, forcing a higher resolution through the emulator setting.

            Also, just to point this out, Microsoft never once said 4k, or 1920p for originals, this was elaborated on by this article because normal people understand those numbers vs 1920×1080 and so on like more technical users. Microsoft stated a 9x increase in resolution, for 360 titles, and that was all they stated, so literally none of these arguments make sense outside of this one article.
            But come on man, as a person with degrees in this should know that you could push the original simcity in dos to 1600×1200, not because it was made to do so, but because the monitor could support it. This is how resolutions work, and why we increase resolutions on emulators instead of modifying original code and assets to get a cleared picture. It doesnt make it non-native 4k, it pushes it up to a native 4k from its original source. Still makes the resolution 4k, and natively because that is the intended output.
            A game will run at whatever resolution you throw at it, anyone who has degrees in this stuff would know that, because again, and I hate having to keep on writing this, we are talking about a RESOLUTION increase, without touching base code. Resolution can be increased on anything, hence why Nvidia offers their own supersampling option on their cards, which effectively pushes the resolution beyond what your monitor can display, then scales down to your resolution. Again, RESOLUTION. Your DVD argument revolves around upscaling, which is not the argument, upscaling and resolution increases are two very different things.

          • Native 4k means geometry is rasterized at 4k. That’s it. If the emulator can render these games at 4k, then they are literally native 4k and there is no debate to be had.

            If your argument is that they won’t look like a modern game at 4k because they weren’t designed for it, then no shit.

          • They aren’t literally native 4K because the emulator would have to MAKE them 4K. Some sort of rendering technique would be required to push the game from its original resolution to 4K, and that process completely eliminates the possibility of said game from being considered native 4K.

          • I think you guys are getting confused by the term native. It doesn’t mean the game was originally made for such and such resolution. It’s simply a term that means the geometry in the game is rasterized at that resolution. You can play pc games from 1996 at 4k, which would, very literally, make them natively render at 4k, and emulators have been able to render games at higher resolutions than the original hardware for well over a decade.

            Actually, the simplest explanation would be to say that native resolution simply means the game is not being upscaled.

          • ” It doesn’t mean the game was originally made for such and such resolution.”

            Yeah, it does. That’s what it means when you tell people something is native-whatever-resolution, and that’s what it’s meant for years now.

            You play a PC game from ’96 at 4K, and it’s being upscaled or otherwise altered. That’s it.

          • Okay, I seriously can’t keep doing this, and you’re wrong. And stop saying upscaling, because that is so not the same thing.

          • No. Native is short for refers to native resolution. It literally refers to the resolution that geometry is being rasterized at. That’s all it has EVER meant. With 360 games that run at 4k on xb1, the geometry is being sampled for 3840×2160 pixels meaning they LITERALLY are being rendered at NATIVE 4K. There is no debate here. Only people misunderstanding terms.

            What to you is the difference between an emulated 2004 xbox game that’s rendering internally at 4k but with 2004 quality assets, and for the sake of example, a unity demo I make that also renders at 4k but with similar 2004 quality assets?

            The ONLY important difference is the year they were made. Native resolution means the resolution that the image is being rendered at. Literally the number of pixels that are being calculated for the final image.

          • I want to add here, that you seem to be misunderstanding 3D rendering basics here “You play a PC game from ’96 at 4K, and it’s being upscaled or otherwise altered. That’s it.”

            A 3D game doesn’t need to be altered to render at 4k (other than needing code changes to add support for that resolution). A 3D game is represented internally by triangles without resolution. Resolution is basically the number of points (or pixels) on the screen that you test. For each pixel you’re saying, what’s here? are there any lights affecting this spot, and so on. The higher the number, the more accurate the image to original source(the 3D models that make up the game).

            Another approach to displaying a higher resolution is upscaling, which in it’s simplest form is essentially stretching an image and usually, averaging out the pixels a bit. Native resolution is the contrast to this, meaning the game is rendering (testing and calculating each pixel) at the stated resolution.

          • Nice try, but nope. If the original code isn’t being modified to natively output the visuals at 4K, then it’s being upscaled or otherwise modified, meaning it’s not native.

          • As long as the code supports rendering at that resolution, then no, no modifications are needed. The assets that make up the game are being sampled at a higher rate. That’s all resolution is. Sample rate. The higher the sample rate the higher the quality, the higher the accuracy to the source data. 3D models don’t have a native resolution, in case you didn’t understand that last time I said it.

            This is really basic stuff. Upscaling is streching (more or less) of the original image, but when something is being natively rendered that means each pixel is being fully calculated.

  3. How convenient Albert left out info on 4K textures. You can upscale a game to 4K but what about the textures?

    • There won’t be any update to the textures. Do you honestly believe devs would go back and release free texture packs for games that are over a decade old?

      • People seem to miss the part where its a resolution increase to 4k, nothing more. Its basic emulation, like we have all been doing on PC with older games for decades. This will add clarity to older titles that was not available on the previous hardware. Textures will be the same, but will also be clearer due the the res bump. Sure it wont be true 4k, but thats not really the claim here, they have the ability to use the extra power to increase the resolution to something higher, without touching the code of the older title. That is an amazing revolution on a console, and is a welcome feature of the X.

        • AHHHH YOUR NOT PLAYING ANY EMULATOR AT 4K PERIOD…..PERIOD….You can turn up the resolution all you want and ITS NOT NATIVE 4K PERIOD….Learn how these things actually work, YOUR NOT MAGICALLY MAKING ANYTHING NATIVE 4K……

          • Oh my god, stop before you hurt yourself. Native 4k is resolution, and nothing more. Any game in the world can run at a native 4k, from old games to new games, depending on hardware, and ability to tweak those specific settings. 4K IS A RESOLUTION. STOP THINKING THAT ITS SOMETHING OTHER THAN A SLIDING SCALE.
            Oh wait, let me ask this, say I run Battlefield 1942 at a resolution of 3840×2160, that is still NATIVE 4k. Was the game built to run this, no, textures and other assets are designed for something more suited to the time the game was made, but yet I can still increase the resolution to 4k. How is this possible, since native 4k wasnt available back then? Easy, RESOLUTION IS A SLIDING SCALE. I mean shit, this is embarrassing to have to say.
            Your assumption of ‘native 4k’ is incorrect. Native 4k resolution applies to outputting a full pixel count at 3840×2160. Upscaling outputs the resolution at its original resolution and outputs to a higher resolution, its still the same amount of pixels. The fact that Microsoft got 360 games to push out more pixels through the use of emulation settings means the true output will be full resolution, in this case a native 4K. Can I talk to who gave you the degree?

          • But it’s upscaled, so it can’t possibly be “native” 4K. You don’t seem to understand what these words you’re using mean.

            Native=natural. As in: the game is running that way naturally. That’s impossible in this case, because the games just weren’t naturally made in or for anything close to 4K.

          • Upscaling is not the same thing at all. I’m not going to go in circles here. And native does not equal natural, even a little bit. Native refers to the number of pixels being output, native to the display(tv).


            Here. This is the best article I found on the subject without going to far into detail in regards to pixels.

          • It doesn’t matter whether that’s what’s going to the TV, or whether the TV itself upscales it. If it wasn’t originally designed to run in that, and is now being run in that without modifying the game itself, it’s being upscaled.

            These games are 480i in some cases: they will NOT be NATIVE 4K just because they’re put into new hardware. There are no two ways about it.

          • It’s a nice statement, but it’s still factually incorrect. A game that was built to run on a machine capable of 480i is limited by its hardware. It doesn’t mean the game cannot run in a higher resolution. Using the emulator to force up to a 4k resolution, increases the pixel count to match, which means the game will have a resolution bump to 4k and will be natively output to your 4k display. It’s pixels natively being output. This is native.

          • But it’s forcibly upping the resolution, which means it’s NOT native.

            And it’s not just the hardware limiting the game. The software is also typically made to run at a given resolution; if there isn’t some sort of alteration, then you get what happens when you put a PS1 game into a PS3: either the game taking up a part of the screen that corresponds to its native resolution, or that game’s original resolution stretched to fit the higher resolution of the screen. If the console does anything to remedy that, it’s alteration, but it doesn’t make the game suddenly native at that higher resolution.

            Kudos, I guess, for sticking with it, but this is just more Xbox PR crap.

          • Not native to what? A game made today would be made at a specified resolution, meaning, hell for arguments sake, cup head, and it was originally created at 1080p, 4k was an afterthought, by your definition, this would not run at native 4k. Everyone here has the native part confused. Native 4k represents a 4k output pushing sheer pixel count. Upscaling outputs to 4k, but pixel count remains the same as the original source, which results in a slightly clearer picture, nothing more.

            And it wouldn’t have mattered if Sony or Microsoft said this, the response remains the same. Don’t in fact does this as well, to a lesser point with ps2 emulated games on the ps4, they increase the games resolution which increases pixel count, hence less jagged edges than the original source, the game still outputs to —native— 1080p

          • Don’t bother with him.

            Used to have him pegged as a disingenuous troll, but with the revelation that he’s thick as shit too, based on his lack of technical knowledge, you’ll have a job trying to convince him otherwise.

          • Not native to the game’s programming. It’s not coded for 4K, so it cannot be native 4K. You and Microsoft are trying to pass off the fact that your tv would not have to upscale as being actually native.

            That’s misleading to the general public, don’t you think?

          • Then literally no game in its current generation is NATIVE 4k. And yes me and Microsoft are in Cahoots! Sound the Alarms! So sad, but that is also not what I am saying at all and please re-read my actual comments, then do some actual research before coming back, because seriously, this is getting old. Currently, the Xbox One S uses upscaling to 4k, which is so far from native 4k because it uses the original pixel density, then upped to the resolution of the display. This is NON-NATIVE 4k. Native 4K, which I have stated over a billion times now I swear, it pushing the same number of pixels as the display supports, hence the NATIVE part. Please stop. Your lack of reading skills, and lack of knowledge on what native means is so far off.

            And its not misleading the general public, if anything your beliefs are. You are literally the Donald Trump of video game knowledge. If I believe it, it must be true. No game is ‘coded’ for 4k, at all because that is not how games are made. Yes a resolution target is decided on in the initial stages of development on consoles, but that doesnt mean a game cannot be pushed up to a higher resolution. Any PC gamer can tell you this, because that is how they have done it for literally decades now. Stop pushing your narrative of misguided thoughts. Misleading the public is stating a game cannot run higher than its target resolution, which is a false statement. See pixel count=Native output resoution.

          • Nope. You failed again.

          • I have nothing to fail. Just stating the correct response for what native actually means, or hey, maybe the internet, myself and Microsoft are pushing a conspiracy in the hopes that a couple extra people buy an Xbox one x.

          • Jeremy is right.

  4. So, according to MS, the pilgrims were “Native Americans” I guess. :p

  5. This is absolutely pathetic—NATIVE 4K??? What a joke. Some of these games were released before the concept of 4K had even existed so how can they be native in a format that didn’t exist when they were released?

    This just goes to show how desperate, scummy and pathetic Microsoft are to try and damage control for their worthless, unwanted, last-gen, POS, FAILURE of a console flopping in the sales charts that they have to make up this kind of ignorant lying brain fart to trick people into thinking their dead, unsupported console is still relevant.

    And it just goes to show how desperate, gullible, ignorant, uneducated and scummy the Xbox fanbase is that they’re willing to accept delusion over despair and fall for this kind of obvious BS. I’ll bet if Microsoft claimed that the Xbox One X created the world in seven days the moronic, non-gaming Xbox losers would believe that too!

    Let’s see…overpriced, underpowered hardware. Not a single exclusive game worth playing and garbage third party support when compared to the PlayStation…yeah, I think this Xbox is going to bomb at retail just like all the rest of Microsoft’s pathetic, lazy, non-gaming, poor man’s excuses for consoles have.

    And yes fanboys, the Xbox One IS a flop. Sales charts prove that, which is why it’s getting outsold 2-1 worldwide by a real console like the PS4. The Xbox One is a pathetic, worthless, weak, last-gen, POS excuse for a games machine with garbage excuses for games that no real gamers gives a hoot about and obviously even the Xbox fangirls agree with me on those statements because they’re the ones not buying the console or the games.

    Xbox fanbums spend 24/7 of their poor existence on the internet PRETENDING to like the console Microsoft has made but the sales figures prove that when it comes time to put their money where their mouths are they refuse to spend money on Microsoft’s pathetic, non-gaming POS pauper machine because deep down inside they know it’s inferior, worthless junk for idiots and sales will always prove that.

    The Xbox One X will rot at the bottom of the sales charts and end up in the bargain bin like the worthless trash it is just like Microsoft’s current versions of the Xbox are bombing in the sales charts because real gamers know they’re trash that aren’t worth buying and sales prove that!

    • This is probably the most awful, digusting comment I’ve seen in a long time. Let me guess: you play on PS4? PC? I really don’t understand how one can talk shit like this. I love gaming, and I love playing on Xbox, mind you, but boy I hate gamers. Just a bunch of immature knuckleheads who have to do nothing more interesting in life that spending their life on the forums to vomit on Xbox, or the way they do marketing and their vision of games and fun. You probably doesn’t know jack about how the gaming industry REALLY works, given the incredible violence of your comment. I’m not going to even try to argue with you or tell you that everything you say is just pure garbage, you seem really happy to believe in what you say, so be it.
      I post probably 1 comment every 2 months or so, can be either awesome news on a specific matter or a really sickening, loathsome comment like this one.
      Seriously, get a life, man. Stop being so hateful about a particular brand, especially gaming because in the end it’s just gaming, you know. Gosh, thank god I’m not you, given the way you see things your life must be pretty pathetic.
      Anyway, sorry guys but I just had to let this out. Since E3, the sheer violence I see on the web about Xbox is utterly shocking.

    • old gen games at higher res. xbone is another step closer to pc beggar race

      • Don’t be jealous of us superior PC gamers. 🙂

    • You can play old games on PC at higher resolutions all the time.

    • The sales of the Xbox one are by no means a flop. Sure they are not matching Sony with sales, but the amount of consoles out there make it far from a flop, as it turns a profit for MS.
      I own the switch and love the portability(read sitting on toilet playing splatoon 2) the ps4 is great for those 3rd person style exclusives and the xbox has been pushing forward on many different fronts by offering different types of games, while opening up their selected exclusive games to PC owners as well, effectively doubling the player base(forza 7)

      But realistically, your comment is sad on levels based on the fact that you are trying to bash features like backwards compatibility and upping the resolution of the older games because well, your system cant do it. Its okay though. No Xbox players would want to play with your salty self anyway, so we can add that to the large number of features the Xbox has over the PS4.

    • Your life must be sad. Or should I say your lack of a life. Why are you on Microsoft related forums everyday crying over video games? If you don’t like the Xbox then don’t buy it. If you don’t like the Xbox then don’t come to Microsoft related forums

    • @Tha Truth… Get a life… More to life than just ranting about a video game article… go back to your PS4 Pro and or PC and have fun… Or go outside and do something… Why come to an Xbox related article and spout hate? You only sound like a complete idiot with no class…

    • Lol ok

  6. Just to clarify, will all XBOX games be backwards compatible or only select ones again? So many games I wanted to play on my 360 never made the list such as MVP 2005.

    • Select titles, due to licensing and music rights. There are lots available, but check the list before assuming the games you want to play will be there.

  7. For the record, I’m pretty sure this claim is impossible. If the original game wasn’t designed to be in 4K, there is ZERO way to make it native 4K now. It would have to be upscaled or checkerboard rendered.

    Penello, again, shows he doesn’t have a clue.

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