Console Position – Horizontal or Vertical?

Seeing Microsoft make such a big deal about being able to put the Xbox One X on its side (with or without a vertical stand) and even packaging a stand in with the Project Scorpio limited edition made me wonder how many people actually put their console vertically. I personally never put them up like that in fear of scratching the disc (this was mainly a thing during the Xbox 360 era) but I wondered how the opinions were divided.

So I turned to Twitter and asked our followers what they think:

It seems like only a minority is putting theirs upright and those that do swear by the vertical stand:

But perhaps it’s just the fact that you’d have to pay for a vertical stand, as having the stand included with the Xbox One X Scorpio seems to have turned some people to the other side (terrible pun intended):

How do you put your console? Do you think it’s worth the additional development effort (adjusting the hardware to support it) just to be able to put it upright?
Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

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  1. When I worked at Gamestop we had a lot of people bring in game disc that had a ring scratched into the disc and it was from either moving the console while the disc was in the drive or the console being vertical.

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