Five Xbox One Exclusives A PlayStation 4 Only Gamer Would Want The Most On PS4

There are some great games out in this generation of consoles that span all our imaginations and needs. But unfortunately, some are stuck behind a physical and invisible barrier called consoles exclusives. I for one game on the PlayStation 4 and have sometimes envied Xbox users who have some games that have released on Xbox only. Here are my Top 5.




Ryse: Son of Rome
Launch exclusive for the Xbox One, you see yourself as an Elite Roman General Marius Titus defending Rome against the onslaught of Celtic Barbarians. You go through the whole of Marius’s life from when he starts as a soldier out of basic training to his rise amongst the big wigs in the Roman Army. With its blood, gore and hack ‘n’ slash, it was a must have at launch. It brought fighting as a roman soldier to life with eye popping graphics and the level of detail which Julius Cesar himself would be proud of. The story was interesting from a history point of view with great dialogue between the characters and the cries of the slaughtered! Such a shame this wasn’t a multi-release on the PlayStation.


Ori and the Blind Forest
The game was a critical acclaimed indie title that which was made a console exclusive to the Xbox. It is a 2D platformer which sees you take control as Ori, who is a white guardian spirit and Sein who is the light & eyes of the forest’s spirit tree. You are tasked to progress through each level solving puzzles and taking on its rayman-esque format. Again, another very beautiful game that all indie lovers would embrace into their gaming libraries. Even the Triple A guys enjoyed this and another fantastic title that the PlayStation missed out on.


Forza Motorsport 7
Now hold a minute. . . PlayStation has Gran Turismo, so why is Forza Motorsport 7 on my list? Well ladies and gentlemen, the reason it’s on my list is that it is a very well-designed game with 100’s and I mean 100’s of cars to race with. I mean there is literally over 700 cars to choose from across all forms of motorsport, with my favourite the Subaru BRZ in its line-up. And that’s great the thing about FM7, want to race in your favourite car, it’s probably there for you to race in, which is great! This has been polished well and with its 4K and 60FPS coming to the Xbox One X, It’s certainly a sore one for most PS4 users. (GT Sport is coming soon guys! Hang in there!)


Sea of Thieves
What a game. A team building, bonding, pirate-fest that seas (sea what I did there??? I did it twice :P) you join a group of friends or whoever you want, fight pillage and explore a massive open world. You can engage in sea to sea combat, with loads of roles to take. You can steer the ship, fire the cannons, lower and raise the sails, fix the ship or take on hand-to-hand combat on the enemy vessel, the opportunities are endless. And when you are not taking on another group of pirate loving wanderers, you can explore caves, islands and shipwrecks for loot and what not! Rare have pulled out all the stops for this cartoony pirate adventure and this makes it one to go on my list that I would love on the PS4. Sea of Thieves is due out Early 2018.


Another cracking Indie title that has released recently and took critical acclaim. This side on run & gun game takes its form from an old cartoon era, like the old micky mouse’s back when your grandad was around but with a bit more colour. You, as Cuphead take on the devil to earn your soul back after getting caught up in a casino. This has a 2-player co-operative function and you can team up with your brother, Mugman. This game reminds me what an arcade game would look like if it was built in the early 30’s. It’s fun, and addictively fun from what I have been told by friends on the Xbox consoles and it only leaves me with a bit of envy that this has not released on the PlayStation.


With these 5 games, it really makes me consider purchasing the rival console (If I had the pennies and pounds). But at the end of the day, we all have a preference and I have got what I have chosen. The only thing we can be bitter about is that these console exclusives will never see the light of day on each other’s consoles and that’s quite pants. Anyway, enjoy what you’re playing and let me know if any of my 5 are on your list and if not, what exclusives you would want to see on your console of choice in the comments below!

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  1. IF I Were a PlayStation Only Gamer The Games I Wanted Would Only Be CUphead,Ryse Son Of Rome & Gears Of War (The Whole Series)

  2. I am a PS4 player, and not one game of that list make me buy an Xbox, not one.
    I can play all Xboxgames on my pc such as F7 Halo and Gears of War.

  3. Nope!

    Not one game I want.


  4. Bad list.
    I bought an XB1 primarily for Halo series and Gears of War series (two of the systems biggest exclusives) and neither of them are even mentioned on this list.

  5. huh! I can’t seem to have enough time to play all the PS4 exclusives this year, I would certainly not put any of those in front of my list save for Ori!

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