Why We Are Hyped For Need For Speed: Payback

The sequel to Need for Speed is coming out November 10th just 3 days after the release of the Xbox One X which Need for Speed: Payback will have the Xbox One X treatment. Need for Speed: Payback will take place in Fortune Valley and follows three main characters: Tyler Morgan, Mac, and Jess as they try to take down The House which is a cartel who controls Fortune Valley’s underworld.

Why we are hyped for Need for Speed: Payback? Well, each of the main characters have their own set skill. Tyler will be the racer, Mac the showman, and Jess is the wheelman. The game will feature a 24-hour day-night cycle which the previous game did not have. Payback will also include an offline single-player mode unlike the previous game. The offline single-single player mode is great for players like me who enjoys playing games as a single-player and don’t get into the whole online multiplayer community.

Why I am hyped for Need for Speed: Payback is because of the story that it has from the trailers that have been released so far. Payback reminds me of what Forza would look like if it was combined with Fast and the Furious. In the Welcome to Fortune Valley trailer, they show many of the elements that had reminded me of the Forza games, especially the Forza Horizon games when they have different elements like the different kinds of races, as well as the Barn finds which players can go find old cars which can then be restored. I am liking the idea of getting into races against the cop cars. Now that would totally be fun to do and I don’t really se that many other racing games that do racing against the cops or maybe there are and I haven’t paid attention. Overall, I get the feeling that it is more like a Forza Horizon game with the different kinds of races and the barn finds which would probably get me into the game initially.

Besides the somewhat Forza vibe that I get from Need for Speed: Payback, I am really excited to see what Payback has improved and what it has in store as far as the gameplay and story wise. Though the only racing games I had played was the Forza games, it would be interesting to see what Payback has to offer that maybe the Forza games doesn’t have. Maybe since it does give somewhat of a Forza vibe, that is why I am being drawn to the Payback. Now what would keep me interested in it would have to the the story of the game.

Also, I would be interested in seeing what kinds of cars that are included in Payback and how we would be able to customize them. Of course whenever it comes to a racing game, it is about the cars. Just by watching the customization trailer, it definitely looks like the customization is better than other racing games and that would totally be awesome that we can customize the cars and make them our own, instead of just getting the basic car and being able to change just a few things.

So why are we hyped for Need For Speed: Payback? It comes down to the story, how the gameplay looks, the amazing graphics that its going to have and finally the cars and racing! Are you guys hyped for Need For Speed: Payback?

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