Xbox One X: Scorpio Edition Unboxing – Here’s A Look At The Retail Special Edition Console

I’ve been excited about the Xbox One X since I first heard about it. When they announced the limited “Project Scorpio” version, I just knew I had to get one.

Today’s the day “the most powerful console in the world” arrived on my doorstep, so I’m happy to share my first images with you. This first article will only focus on the the packaging and physical aspects of the Console itself. Game reviews and impressions will follow at a later date.

First is the box it comes in


I really dig the X design on the Box, as it reminds me of the  Original Xbox. I was just a bit disappointed mine got a bit scratched in transit, but nothing too bad. The weight of the box also suprised me, but more on that later. The Project Scorpio lettering has a nice metallic finish, giving the packaging just that extra bit of exclusive finish.


The side of the box promises 4K/HDR gaming, 1TB of storage and exclusive to this special edition is the inclusion of the vertical support stand. The HDMI cable included is supposedly also of a particular quality that allows for better output.


The top of the box also has a nice reference to the release date of the console.



Opening it up, we are greeted with our 1 month Game Pass (for which I’ll do a #GiveAway soon, keep an eye on my Twitter) and a 14 day Xbox Live Gold trial. The top has a little instruction manual.


Which tells you the Vertical Support can be locked in position in one of the sides.


What’s in here?


oh. It just holds the vertical stand


bottom of the vertical stand


and this clicks into the Xbox One X


box that holds the controller and wires


Project Scorpio Controller (batteries included)

My wife’s comments on the controller: “This feels a 1000 times more comfortable to hold than the Playstation 4’s!” –> It’s unchanged from the Xbox One S model, she just hasn’t used it yet.

My thoughts: I like that they also customized the controller, but it bothers me that the lettering is put the way it is. I would have preferred to see it in regular reading position (horizontally). I would have also preferred coloured letters instead of the hardly readable grey ones.

Scorpio Dimensions

What really surprised me here was the weight! It comes in at around 3.7kg and for its relatively tiny size, it’s a pretty hefty piece of hardware!

Let’s unwrap it!



I like the gradiënt of completely black to almost completely grey from the top left to the bottom right corner. The dotted effect looks really nice. It would have been extra cool if this actually had a different texture as well, but that is not the case.



Interesting is that a bit of venting is also happening here, on what would be the top size when put in a vertical position (left side in the image). It also has 4 rubber feet and a surface that is EXTREMELY sensitive to greasy fingers! – my apologies!





From left to right you have the: Power input, HDMI OUT, HDMI IN, 2 USB 3.0 slots, IR OUT, S/PDIF, Ethernet cable.

Also of interest: the console was manufactured in September 2017, in China


Which makes the “hello from Seattle” a bit dubious

The above image is of the left side, which would be the bottom when put in its vertical stand. Upon inspection I can’t help but wonder how much ventilation potential would be lost when you do so. But that’s another discussion altogether.



Another mention to the console’s release date here: “105101317”

I have NO clue what the little hole on the right side is meant for, by the way. – Feel free to let me know on Twitter or in the comments if you do! – EDIT: I was informed this is used to eject the disc in case it gets stuck.


on its vertical stand

But this’ll be the last time it’s positioned as such in my Household… Though the weight of the console itself does help contribute to reassuring me that it would be difficult to tip over.


Almost ready to be played


it sits nicely next to the PS4 slim

And here it is starting up, with some Philips Ambilights to add to the effect:

Next up; I’ll be testing some games! Keep an eye on my twitter and Youtube!

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