Final Fantasy XV Is The Xbox One X Title That Convinced Me On 4K And HDR

Final Fantasy XV may have been one of my favourite titles of 2016 (and early 2017). When the Xbox One X was announced, it was one of the titles I was hoping would get a 4K update and boy was I glad when I read that it would be the case.

While everyone is going on how beautiful Assassins Creed Origins’ haystacks look in glorious 4K, they may have forgotten to take a look at this one year older game, which, thanks to the Assassins Festival, conveniently has these very same haystacks for us to compare.

Let’s dive in.

Final Fantasy lets you set the performance to High, Lite or Steady. Here is comparisson of the first two settings, mind you: the first image with the Lite setting already Seems to have received a boost from the Xbox One X:

FINAL FANTASY XV 07_11_2017 00_30_17


But if we set the Performance to High:



Let’s zoom in and put them closer together:


You can clearly see the increased level of detail. The true problem with 4K and HDR games though, is it’s very hard to capture exactly what you are seeing on your own screen: more on this here.

But for everyone with a 4K and HDR supported TV, I would recommend to set it to High and enjoy the gorgeous Visuals this game throws at you:

The use of its 4K assets, HDR colour use and light vs dark contrasts is like nothing I have seen before, I’m amazed and can hardly hold back from starting this wonderful game all over again (if only they fixed the minor story issues)

Luckily Loading Times have improved as well: while it wasn’t immediately apparent from the initial game loading time, using fast travel is no longer a chore to the great dismay of my wife who liked getting a little attention and maybe a backrub while the game was loading. Sorry honey, Final Fantasy XV is drawing me in for another ride and this time it will be in gorgeous 4K and HDR!

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  1. Its funny you wrote this, as it was the one game Ive been looking at constantly while wondering what I should play on the X when it arrives. The fact that they got this game running at true 4K with 4K assets and HDR is truly amazing. Its natural contrast lent it perfectly to HDR. I cant wait to play it, for the first time, in 4K w/ HDR in tow.

  2. Did they increase the texture resolution for the X-Box One X? From What I can see it doesnt look like 4K textures

    • yes, they did. but it already looked great beforehand. it’s more apparent when zooming in on walltextures or clothing. If you want great texture work: check out Rush: a Disney Pixar Adventure. I was really impressed with it!

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