Gears Of War 3 Looks Incredible In 4K; Xbox 360 Vs. Xbox One X Comparison Images Revealed

A YouTube channel called ElAnalistaDeBits has uploaded a video which compares Gears Of War 3 to Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox One X. The difference between Xbox 360 and Xbox One X at 4K is incredible, and might be the best Xbox 360 4K Enhanced title showcased so far. Here’s a look at the comparisons between Xbox 360 and Xbox One X.





All credit goes to ElAnalistaDeBits so check out their video for even more amazing comparisons.


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  1. Deff looks better…not half a grand better though..When Scorpio was leaked and then announced i was on board all the way…the extreme lack of new AAA IP and flagship to launch with X over time made me decide to not get an X…i dont regret it one bit. Just beat Shadow of War on an Xbox One…playing AC origins now…and the games still look great and are fun. If Nintendo gamers can carve fun out of a 720p experience on a tablet my Xbox One will do fine until the legit next gen with PS5 and the next Xbox. If i wanted “enhanced” rehashed titles id just sell my consoles and build a PC.

    I have seen plenty of X gameplay vs Pro and Xbox One S…on a 4K screen…i see tons of people buying X and saying the gap between the One and X is like the leap from the 360 to the One or bigger…thats all BS lmao…i dunno if they are just trying to justify the purchase or what. A simple uptick in res and fidelity isnt what separates whole gens. But whatever makes ya happy…Maybe now MS can focus on some actual games that adults want to play.

    • It’s all BS because you disagree with them thinking it looks better? Okay………….logic 101 lesson being taught by a salty person named Ray.

      • You r reading comprehension needs work. I just dont try to justify spending $500 on a console that only offers better resolution and no new IP. I said it looks better…but i have seen enough gameplay on a 4K screen between Xbox One S and X to say without a doubt to me its not worth $500…had MS launched or had coming at least 2-3 new mature realistic new AAA IPs that push the X…then yes maybe i would have bitten…but as it is…nope i can wait the 2 yrs for PS5 or the next Xbox.

        Its fairly common for all that preorder or go stand in line to overrate the differences…because they want to feel justified and happy about their purchase or new console…but to say its like a bigger leap then was between 360 and One is BS and a lie i knew it was MOn night when ppl were running with that and my own experience has only confirmed it to me. ive seen the difference on a 4K TV played Xbox One X, PS4 Pro…and now X in 4K on a 4K UHD OLED TV… isnt worth $500 to me…its a fine console….but i dont just buy consoles based on them being the newest and most powerful…the games better be there as well or i might as well just dump that $500 into my PC and it will go alot further.

        I like the X and the fact that MS beat the Pro on every level…im no SONY shill…its just not for me…MS failed on the 1st part and exclusives front….Sea of Thieves looks ok…Crackdown 3 is going to bomb but should be fun….State of Decay 2 already looks dated. ..compared to whats on PC and coming for SONY Xbox has sh!t the bed.

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