Got An Xbox One X? Prepare To Have To Tinker With Your TV’s HDR Setting

Wether or not you got the limited edition Project Scorpio or a regular version, we should have all gotten the same Xbox One X hardware come tomorrow. But where our results may vary will be our TV screens. Not just your unit’s hardware will matter, but also what settings you chose on it.

My experiences below are with the Philips 55POS9002, a 55 inch|4K|HDR TV with Ambilight.

I’ve had my Xbox One X for a few days now and a lot of time with it has been spent changing my TV’s settings to get the most of my games:

  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Sharpness
  • reducing Motion Blur
  • HDR

But that last one seems to have had the biggest impact on me as one of the first games I tested was Rise of the Tomb Raider and when I was playing in a night environment with snow (which is a frequent occurence in this game) I noticed something weird:


Notice the extremely bright snow in the center area?

I was about ready to start writing an article on how the 4K and HDR may be too much to handle, but when I exported images or video to my laptop I noticed that this effect wasn’t visible there. So after messing around with the aforementioned settings on my TV, I noticed changing the HDR setting did help. Out of 6 possible settings, only the HDR: Film setting seemed to have an acceptable result:


No more blinding white snow

The problem was that not every game had the same result. In fact, I get the feeling that switching the HDR settings on your unit should be encouraged as I got different results depending on which game I was playing. Final Fantasy XV had the best graphical result by choosing “HDR:Intense” (and it’s pretty impressive). On Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure I had to change it to “HDR: Game” because any other setting would create a sickening motion blur when walking around in the main hub area or a distortion around your character when just moving the camera.

In the end, the effort is worth your time though. Just look at this amazing DVR image taken from the start of Tomb Raider:


click to see in detail.

And how it ended up looking on my TV screen:


Impressively photorealistic

As a bonus for getting this far, here’s a comparisson of Tomb Raider’s Framerate boosted mode versus its Native 4K mode:

Tomb Raider

How can we ever go back from 4K?

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  1. The same thing happen to me when i bought the Pro. Endless hours with HDR tv settings. :

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