Amazon Apologizes For Late Xbox One X Deliveries; Free Credit Sent As An Apology For The Issue

Amazon has had issues with Xbox One X deliveries, and many people took to social media to complain about their order not arriving on the release date. Those who did not receive their Xbox One X today, should have an email from Amazon which apologizes for the late arrival of your order, and also a notice that £20 has been added to your account as an apology for the delivery issue.

Here’s a look at the email.


If your Amazon order arrived late, check your emails as you could have free credit waiting for you!

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  1. question is what people would have liked more: the 20 pound discount… or having their XBO X on release date. I fall into the latter category…

    • Ditto 🙁

  2. Thought for sure my Scorpio edition was going to be delayed due to a mishap on shipping through UPS, but it got here a few hours later than typical so I am happy….

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