ThisGenGaming Reviews Nyko Products; Cygnus Controller, Type Pad & Charge Block Duo

We are back again with another product review, and we are going to do it different this time. Before we were doing individual reviews for different products but this time we are going to review a few products from one company at a time. As you already know from the title, in this batch of reviews, we are going to take a look at some of Nyko’s gaming products. The first product is actually for Android phones, and it’s the Cygnus Controller.

Cygnus Controller

Gaming on the Android is not simple with the touch screen controller, it’s just not reliable enough to make me want to play games on the Android. That was until I found out about this controller, and spoiler alert: it’s amazing! Nyko have really created a dream controller for Android games, and why is it a dream? Well the setup takes about 3 seconds to do, and I’m not even joking, it’s really that simple to pick up and connect. It follows the similar design of most gaming controllers, which means it is easy to use and comfortable for gaming sessions.

I actually think this controller could rival some console gaming controllers as I was that surprised with how comfortable, and how responsive the controller was. It does what it was advertised to do and more, that’s why I’ve got to say that this is a recommended product to check out if you are playing games on an Android phone.

Type Pad (PS4)

Next up we have Nyko’s own type pad for the PS4, and it’s something that I’ve always thought was necessary but never really bought one, and after using it for just a few hours, I can no longer think of not using a type pad with the PS4. If you are one like me who does a lot of typing on consoles then this is going to be the perfect type pad for you. Nyko boasts a “compact design” which I have to agree as it fits so well with the PS4 controller and looks like an add on that blends with the controller really well.

The keyboard is also something that I would have to mention as a positive, while it looks like it will be too small for my larger fingers, it actually works very well and was very accurate with what I was meaning to type. I don’t remember many issues with the keyboard at all, it connected fine and never lost the signal to the PS4, and worked perfectly. This is going to be another product that Nyko gets a recommendation for.

Charge Block Duo (PS4)

Can the string of recommendations continue with the charge block duo for the PS4? I have to admit that once again, Nyko has impressed me with their product. The charge block duo allows for two controllers to be charged without the use of wires needed again, a small dongle is provided to fit into the PS4’s controller micro USB which doesn’t take up much room or make the controller look ugly, as it’s mostly unnoticeable.

It’s simple to put the controller on the block and take the controller off the block, there was never any issues were the controller would be difficult to put in the charger block or taking it out. If you are looking for a wireless, and simple way to charge your controllers then Nyko has got you covered with the Charge Block Duo.

The Final Verdict

Nyko has really outdone themselves with their products, I found all the products to be of great quality and use. Nyko deserves a lot of credit for making what I feel is premium quality products at a very affordable price. Out of the three products reviewed, I was mostly impressed with the controller as I didn’t think a third party controller for the Android could really be THAT good in terms of design. Be sure to check out the three products below as I will link each one.

Type Pad 

Android Controller 

Charge Block Duo 

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