New DLC for Aaero Slated For Release Before End Of Year

Great news everyone, my favourite Indie game of 2017 is getting new content on all platforms! We get to announce this exclusive news to you a bit before their official press release. First to refresh your memory, Check out our Review of Aaero.

Before the end of the year, you can expect to see the following DLC:

3 New Ships:

3 new ships have been created to give players the option of a new look while riding the ribbons.
With names chosen by the Aaero community via Twitter; ‘Sol’, ‘Comet’ and ‘Phaser’ will be priced a $0.99 (£0.69) each. Mad Fellows are aiming to make these available before the end of the 2017.

“We wanted to respond to the call for more ships but also avoid fragmenting the leaderboards. Our answer was optional cosmetic ship skins. You can buy just the one/ones you like and, if you prefer to stick with the original, you’re not at any sort of disadvantage for doing that.”

You can see these in action here:

3 New Tracks:

“We always said that we’d love to support Aaero with DLC if there was call for it. The community asked for more Drum & Bass, so that’s what we set out in search of first.

Finding content for Aaero isn’t easy. We’re looking for awesome music as well as tracks that provide the basis for compelling gameplay. We won’t compromise at all on either of these criteria so selecting tracks is a lengthy process.

A friend pointed me to 1000DaysWasted on Soundcloud, it was one of those times where I knew straight away that we had to get these tracks. As I listened, I could immediately imagine how the ribbons would work… Then comes the tense wait after reaching out to the artist to see if they’re up for working together.

Fortunately, 1000DaysWasted was as excited as we were. Before long we’d identified the perfect 3 tracks for a DLC pack dedicated to his music.”

Here is the trailer for the new tracks:

The pack contains the tracks “The Sickness”, “Rage” and “Dissonance Constant” fully licensed from 1000DaysWasted’s own label “Night45uk”.

New achievements/trophies are up for grabs as you explore further into the world of Aaero, uncovering more clues to the story behind the events in the main game.

The1000DaysWasted – Drum & Bass Pack is also slated for release before the end of 2017 and will be priced at approximately $4.99/£3.99.

 I for one am very excited about this and we’ll post a small review as soon as we’ve been able to test these!

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