PC Horror Games to Play with the Lights Off

Playing horror games is a thrilling stuff to do because there are not much of them. Finding them is like hitting the jackpot for those who love such experiences. Plush Casino offers many such games based on horrifying themes. So, turn the lights off, get a good pair of headset around you and start with your hunt for ghosts and evil spirits playing these nail-biting online casino games.

This article brings out the best PC horror games that you can lay your hands on.

  1. Get down on the ‘Killing Floor’

All you must do in this game is kill zombies. Multiplayer gaming is available for as much as six players. There are many unique weapons in the game. The goal of the game couldn’t be simpler. Just spill blood all over any surface you see. Killing Floor 2 has come up as one of the best zombie-slaying experiences in the gaming world.

  1. Watch the reels spin in the return of ‘The Evil Within 2’

The prequel of this one was not up to the mark when it came to execution. But The Evil Within 2 completely nailed it by being one of the best games that came in 2017.The game has an amazing story going on which gives you jaw-dropping twists. The execution of the game is what makes all the elements combine and come up.

  1. Get to the ‘Alien: Isolation’

This game has been known to be one of the strongest and well-built high-budgeted horror game experience in years. The game is too much tense, as it progresses. The game is available for Linux, OS X, Steam Machines.

  1. Meet the zombies again in ‘Soma’

This scary game by Frictional is one of a kind game. This is not much of a horror game but provides an amazing experience. The zombies serve more as an obstacle rather than terrorizing. The game is worth a try even if does not pump your adrenaline as much.

  1. Forget yourself and play ‘Amnesia: The Dark Descent’

The game features a Victorian-era castle as the setting of the horror game. The protagonist is Daniel, who is an archaeologist in the game but has lost his memory. He just has a letter on him which is written by him. That letter guides Daniel through the shady castle avoiding the figures that haunt him.

  1. Penumbra: Black Plague- Re-live the horror

This was the first of the horror series that Frictional came up with. The setting is that of an abandoned underground research compound. The game will make sure that you have a truly terrifying experience and you should keep a pair of spare pants with you.

  1. How about ‘Resident Evil 7’

It is an amazing to the already running amazing series. Resident Evil 7 has been the best comeback since the fourth part. There is no third person camera in the game, and there is some loss of focus in the combat. This has one of the best horror games in years.

These amazing horror genre games have been known to provide you with the experience that you might have been craving for. Playing horror-themed games on online casinos like Plush Casino is worth a try.






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