WWE 2K18 Nintendo Switch Comparison Images Show Noticeable Decline In Visuals

The Nintendo Switch version of WWE 2K18 is now out after months of speculation of when it will actually release with many thinking that it wouldn’t even release in 2017 after the silence about it. We have captured images of the Nintendo Switch version and compared them to the Xbox One X version (1080p) which shows a very noticeable decline in visuals.

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What do you think of the two versions when compared? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Is the picture from the switch captured when it’s docked or not?


    • Switch is out selling the xbox x, xbox one original and the s combined line. In the US. Plus it has exclusives, and the greatest two games. Odyssey and Breath of the wild.

      • lol and yet the best selling games are Multiplat titles.

      • Where do you get these numbers? Sounds like you done your research – Please link proof

    • Keep on humpin’ that Xbox, f4g

  3. Considering that this is xbox one x version the switch version doesn’t look really that bad. The main difference is mostly color and fine details but polygony count may have not even been changed much at all. The second obvious difference is the screen behind the character in the second screen. But if this is the difference between a home console and a portable, it is pretty damn impressive.

  4. ???? Actually there is not much difference at all.

  5. Are you seriously comparing the Xbox One X version to the Switch version and expect it to not feature a “decline” in graphics quality? You are aware that the X is over 12 times more powerful than the Switch don’t you. There is no reason to diminish the Switch’s appeal as it serves a completely different purpose as well as offering some of the best games ever released in its first year already.

  6. Wow, Switch is noticeably worse but at the same time pretty damn impressive.

  7. just ignore nintendo and their fanboys. they are as lame as each other. they release gimmicky garbage and the fanboys defend it.

  8. A WWE game that was already shit being bad on a Switch isn’t a surprise. It’s an attempt at a cash grab and just like the other consoles this company put as little effort into this awful franchise as possible.The WWE games over the last several years are a chore to play. Just go back to the control scheme of the No Mercy style THQ/Yukes games and stop wasting our fucking time with this crap.

  9. Gee, really? There’s a visual discrepancy between a hybrid console and a high-end console? No way! What next, are going to compare a PC to a PS1?

  10. I dunno, looks good for something that is basically a portable Android console.

  11. duh

  12. Congratulations on posting the most obvious article ever. Give yourself a gold star

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