ROCCAT Khan Pro Gaming Headset Product Review

I’ve never tried out ROCCAT products before, but I’ve heard very good things about the company so I was more than excited when given the opportunity to review a selection of their gaming products. In the first review, I’m looking at the ROCCAT Khan Pro Gaming Headset which could be one of the best gaming headsets I’ve reviewed this year! I will be reviewing the headset in three different sections which will be Design/Features, Sound, and Value.


It became obvious quite quickly that the ROCCAT Khan Pro puts design quality as a top priority, with it boasting many great design choices such as being very light compared to other headsets with similar design builds. Don’t be fooled into think that the lighter weight of this headset means it sacrifices durability, that’s not the case at all as the headset is about as durable as any other heavier headset out there. Other great design choices include making the headset with ears also in mind, because who wants to use a headset that is amazing but is just uncomfortable to use? The Khan Pro uses memory foam so the earpads will always be super comfortable and suited for your ears, even after many, many hours of use. I can say after over 40 hours of use since arriving, the earpads still feel like they are brand new and have been great for comfort too.


Now for the most important category, sound. The sound category can make or break a headset review because a headset can have great design choices and features but if it’s lacking in sound quality and expectations then it’s not going to be a headset that I’d recommend. However, the Khan Pro passes the sound category quite easily, and was one of the best headset experiences for sound quality that I’ve tried out in 2017. The quality of the audio was tested countless of times, and it past easily each and every time, and I am still amazed at how great the sound quality really is for this headset. I also tested the noise cancellation in a very noisy setting, and it also easily passed those tests as not a single bit of noise got through the noise cancellation barrier.


With the ROCCAT Khan Pro Gaming Headset, you are getting more value than any other headset that I’ve tried out in 2017. There’s been great headsets that I’ve reviewed, but none come even close to this one, especially with the features and sound quality being offered for the price that you would have to pay. You can currently purchase the headset for roughly £90 which is a little investment, but is absolutely worth it and does way more than expected for a headset under £100. I’ve seen many headsets that have cost around that price or even higher that do not come close to the value of the ROCCAT Khan Pro Gaming Headset.

Final Verdict: Highly Recommend!

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