Dear Esther – Landmark Edition Review

Dear Esther,

You are not an ordinary game,
So how could I ever hope to give you an ordinary review?

From the moment I set foot on your salty shores,
air filled with the scent of the ocean,
swept up by the landbound breeze,
I knew our time together would be short but meaningful.

Accompanied by wailing violins,
a voice guided me around the shoreline,
across a graveyard of stranded ships and through luminescent caves.


The melodies of the slushing water,
and the whispering of the wind.
It made me FEEL the cold of the Island.
Vibrating strings and dramatic ivory keys
kept me marching, ever onward.

Trailing a path of candles,
lit to guide my way to a beacon.
Ever drawing nearer to and end.
Not only to this story’s tale,
but also to my role as the protagonist in this fleeting dream.


Oh dear Esther,
soon, I may not even recall whatever meaning you tried to inscribe into my soul.
I, who just sought to escape the daily woes of life in your digital world.
But I will forever reflect upon the beauty of your majestic sights.

The full moon,
peeking through the cave’s mouth,
Like an open eye peering into my very being.

Dear Esther_ Landmark Edition 21_12_2017 02_18_57

Dark blues, contrasting the bright orange of the shimmering candlelight.
it sets my mind at ease.

Dear Esther,
You are a brief experience,
but you were ever worth my time.

Dear Esther - Landmark Edition



Written by
Belgian, born in 1987, Dad to two cuties, Can't imagine a life without videogames and won't shut up about them.

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