Earthlock Rereleasing As A New Version.

It seems like more and more developers are looking at the game they’ve made and think: we could have done better. Snowcastle games has just announced that they will be relaunching Earthlock next year (Q1 2018).

The RPG game will rerelease as “Earthlock”, dropping the “Festival of Magic” subtitle. In all of the available e-stores, the game will be present as such from then on. People who already own the game (both digital and physical) will be able to get the new version free of charge.

Snowcastle Games:

“Important to note: Anyone who owns Earthlock: Festival of Magic will get the new game for free (Steam/GOG/PS4/XboxOne). The game is now in final QA and localization and will be published in Q1 2018.

(This is also the version that we will be launching on Nintendo Switch.
Unfortunately we won’t be able to publish this version on Wii U.)”

Think of it as a similar approach as what happened with Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition. This likely also means that people will be able to get new achievements for the game -> to be confirmed…


So what did they change?

Snowcastle Games:

  • Story: It’s massively changed. Almost from the start. We have added more depth, humor and character to the story and things that did not make sense before now do
  • Crafting: At Plumpet Island, we are happy to report that all buildings on Plumpet now have some kind of functionality
  • Side quests: Yes, there are now side quests – as initially intended
  • Mini Games: Like treasure hunting
  • New scenes and characters
  • New and better animation
  • Improved cut scenes
  • Highly performance optimised
  • And much, much more.

Here’s the trailer again of the regular version (PS: I’m excited to check out the changes myself)

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