The Online Games You Should Play Today


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If you’ve never been a fan of online gaming in the past now might be the perfect time to change that.

Online gaming has been popular since the tail end of the 90s when flash games on sites like Miniclip and online gambling sites like monsterbet started to become more common, but if we’re honest, they were often pretty basic. That’s all changed now, and their games you can play online are just as good as anything you could play on the average video console.

Don’t believe us? Check out these fantastic online games that you should be playing right now:


Think golf’s a bit boring? Not when you’re playing Wonderputt it isn’t! This fantastic online game is a bit like playing crazy golf although it’s a lot more crazy and you don’t have to leave your laptop to do it. Colorful, fun, filled with sheep and UFOs, it’s a real blast that doesn’t take too much of your attention, but which will kill some serious time.

Game of Bombs

If you used to love playing Bomberman on the Playstation – remember how amazing we all thought the classic PlayStation was? – you won’t be disappointed by Game of Bombs, which is a very addictive multiplayer platform that is not dissimilar to the old favorite. The fact you can play with other people just makes it so much better.

Die 2 Nite

Fans of zombies and traditional text-based RPGs will love this multiplayer offering that’s filled with nerdy in-jokes and more zombies than you’ll see in the average episode of The Walking Dead. More complex than you might imagine, you’ll get totally wrapped up in it.


I feel that it’s only fair to warn you that you shouldn’t start playing Polycraft unless you’re willing to waste a lot of your time online. Some people have described this particular game as a cross between Crash Bandicoot and the Legend of Zelda, which is accurate enough. In order to excel, you have to collect various supplies, hang out in dingy dungeons and navigate around a rather interesting digital world. It’s tons of fun.

Tanki Online

If you’re a fan of military games, you can’t think of anything better than commanding your own tank, and you’re not opposed to some seriously heavy warfare, Tanki is the game you didn’t know you wanted to play. Basically, the goal of the game is to cause as much destruction to as many tanks as you possibly can. It’s great fun!

Spelunky HTML5

This game doesn’t exactly have the best graphics you’ll find online, but that doesn’t matter because you’ll be so caught up in exploring the various underground tunnels in the search for loot, trying to avoid all manner of booby traps along the way that the 2D nature of the game won’t bother you at all. It might even make you long for the simpler days of SNES platform games.

Load up your browser with any of these games, and you’re sure to have an enjoyable evening gaming!

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