64GB Nintendo Switch Game Cards Delayed until 2019

Based on the report of a Wall Street Journal article, Nintendo Co. will delay the release of its awaited 64GB game card to be used on Nintendo Switch. The statement was that outside game developers will have to wait until 2019. This is when the online game lovers will have a chance to enjoy the experience of the data-rich software that the cards are to come with. It is said that ‘better late than never’ and so the expectant Nintendo games enthusiasts will still enjoy the new development.

Games Developers

The development of online games and their eventual availing to the end users is an intertwined process of activities among many players. They all must keep tabs on the operations of their counterparts. This helps them to end up with a product that will be used at all without a hitch. Nintendo, for instance, had planned to avail the 64GB to their partner developers by the 2nd half of 2018. They, however, confirmed that the initial plan won’t be possible, and the release will be pushed forward to 2019. The delay is blamed on some technical issue that arose in the production of the cards.

The Disappointment

All the stakeholders in the gaming industry depend on each other for the completion of usable software and gaming devices. In this case of the Nintendo 64GB cards, some software developers and more so in the UK were very disappointed when they heard about the notice. They deal with the production of data-heavy games and were ecstatic about the release of the cards.

The Intended Release Date

If it was not for the technical hitches that Nintendo Co. is claiming to have experienced, the 64GB version of Nintendo Switch cards was to be released as per plan. The release time was to be in the second quarter of 2018. Unfortunately, the cards will hit the market one year after and that is in 2019.

What that means is those developers of Switch games that will require more storage will need to find other alternatives. The reason is that players are already expecting the games into the market, and for that, they should be availed for use at the right time. The preferable mode of delivery will now be downloaded until the release of these cards that will be able to hold them.

The Best Solution

The only way to go now for the games providers will be the use of online multiplayer, DOOM. The players can then access the games through this online multiplayer as downloads. Players who love to play casino games can join the UK’s best online casino now and start playing different casino games online anytime and anywhere!

Online games must go on, as players and developers will have to wait for these cards in 2019. After that, players will be able to enjoy the resources without a problem.

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