Are The Halo Announcements Of Last Year The Apology That The Halo Fans Deserve?

Being a Halo fan over the last few years has been tough, from the disappointment of Halo 5 to the broken mess of Halo: Master Chief Collection. Being a fan of the Halo series had become something that wasn’t to be proud of anymore. I feel that the news that was revealed today could be seen as an apology for what has happened over the last few years.

One of the reveals last year was that a handful of Halo games will be coming to Xbox One through backwards compatibility which was seen as something that might not happen due to Halo: Master Chief Collection. Many Halo fans had requested that the Xbox 360 versions become backwards compatible due to the many issues that still linger in Halo: MCC.

Halo: Master Chief Collection had a lot of hype prior to its release, and was the dream for any Halo fan but when it launched the game and mostly its servers were a mess. The game was patched a few times, and while some issues were fixed, it’s still broken to this very day. However that will change later this year as there will be a huge patch coming this spring (2018) which will finally fix the issues that have been plaguing Halo: MCC since 2014. Along with that, there is also going to be a 4K Xbox One X Enhanced update which is something fans never thought they would ever see.

To add to the already great announcements, Microsoft also announced that all the DLC that was released for these classic Halo titles will now be free downloads so everyone can play every released map without issues. Making all types of DLC free was a great idea from Microsoft and made many fans happy, there’s also many Types of Lotto Games at MultiLotto which will make many people happy! Is all this news that we got last year the apology that Halo fans deserved? It’s close enough, the fixes and the 4K patch is what fans have been asking for, and it’s what they are going to get in 2018 and whilst the fixes took way too long, it’s going to great to actually have a fixed game finally.

Speaking of 4K Xbox One Enhanced games, Halo 5 was rumored to be skipped on getting a 4K patch, as it appeared that Microsoft was only focusing on recently released games rather than their 2015 and before titles. It appeared like Halo 6 was going to be the first 4K experience for Halo fans, and it left many of the Halo fanbase upset that they were going to have to wait much longer for a 4K Halo game.

So with the rumors and doubt, it was great to see Halo 5 get that 4K treatment on Xbox One X which I’ve seen for myself and looks incredible! It makes me extremely excited to see what the 4K patch will do for Halo: MCC later this year. I’m hoping along with many other Halo fans that this will be a great taste of what’s to come with Halo 6 on the Xbox One X which will most likely release in 2019 or 2020.

Myself along with many other Halo fans hope that this is step forward for the future of the Halo series, and that the mistakes of the past will also be redeemed with the release of Halo 6. We want to hear your thoughts on this article subject, has today’s news helped you forgive for the issues of the past or do you still think it’s not enough for everything that happened in the past with Halo on Xbox One. Let us know in the comments section below.

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