Avoid these following mistakes in writing your essay!

The essay is a popular genre. The problem is that the number of essayists for the space on the page is much higher than the available places. Do you want to attract the attention of an editor with your personal essay and get a coveted place in your favorite publication? Make sure you are not making one of these common trial mistakes.

1. The use of test to ventilate

Writers often use an essay as an opportunity to express a moralistic stance, rant on a controversial issue or vent of a family member. Do not do it. If you take a position on a topic, you will lose your reader at the moment she (or he) gives you your point. Do not try to be a moral teacher because you are still a writer and a writer is not a teacher but an opener or an inspiration to his readers.

Instead, challenge the reader to adopt their own stand without saying it openly. Give your reader a new way of looking at the subject by sharing part of yourself and showing your experience, and it is possible that, indirectly, change the point of view.

2. Eliminate superficiality on the page

Most of the early critical drafts come with at least three lines of superfluous hawking that can easily go without impacting the piece. See how your essay sounds if you start with the fourth or fifth sentence instead. In this context you may need a help to answer some important questions and as an info, https://gpalabs.com/ the source for solving essay questions.

3. The long writing

Do not be afraid of the butcher knife. When you are reviewing and polishing an essay, make sure what you have written is scarce, there are no unnecessary words, and there are no superfluous anecdotes and no nonsense! If you need to trim your piece to fit in a particular column, try to cut additional words or even more graphics, and see if your piece still works. Excessive use of words only makes your readers caught up in boredom. Do not ever think that the quality of an essay is determined by the number of words contained in it.

4. Do not use day-to-day life as an example for the trial

The work of an essayist is to extract universal meaning from the facts and experiences of worldly life. I have written about my brother’s toy collection, my grandmother’s kitchen, and my attempts to select the perfect wine to combine with a dish.

No matter what your story is about, it must involve some kind of personal transformation that allows you to see the world in another way. Does your story make readers feel something, or think of a problem in another way? Will you motivate them to act (by calling their mom, for example)? I hope this article can keep you from the mistakes that really do not need to be done. Hope you can become a good writer. If your piece makes readers remember an event or life experience of their own, you have got a great essay made by yourself.


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