Lets Talk More About Xbox Backwards Compatibility

The Xbox team has done some crazy stuff over the last few years with backwards compatibility which we never thought would properly come to either the Xbox One or PS4 as in being able to use old discs or digital downloads. Fast forward to now, and we can actually play out 15 year old Xbox games with some of those games also being able to be played at almost 4K resolution on the Xbox One X which is an insane thought when you think about it.

One of the biggest issues currently for the Xbox One and Xbox backwards compatibility is that there’s many original Xbox games with expired licenses or defunct companies as the games are now around 12-16 years old so it’s going to be probable that many companies are no longer existing or own the rights to those Xbox games that we really want to play once more on the Xbox One. So far games like Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic, Ninja Gaiden Black, and Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time have made their way to the service but those games are from companies still running like EA and Ubisoft. Will we ever see other classics resurrected? It might not be possible at all.

While those games might not be able to be played anymore there’s one game that you can still play right and that’s Lucky Lady’s Charm slot but there’s still hope as with the Xbox 360, there was many games from the original Xbox that surprisingly made there way to the Xbox 360 over 10 years ago and that included many licensed games at the time.

Xbox has done many unthinkable things, but can they do one of the bigger impossibilities, and somehow get the rights to allow these epic and classic original Xbox games back to the players who really want them rather than being lost away forever because that’s not what should happen, these classics should be treasured and played for generations to come, and it’s not like those games feel outdated by now, yes even in 2018 there’s many classic Xbox games that feel like a revolutionary game and not like what is currently being released. That’s how amazing some of these games were all those ago, and that’s why we need them back in our hands once again. Lets not allow these games to die because of rights issues, and we can once again play these incredible games again.

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