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The Belgian Gaming Site recently posted a video of one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) private videogame collectors in Belgium. When I saw that he lived only 15 minutes away from me, I had to check it out for myself and share it with you.

I’ll start by sharing the original video, but it’s in Dutch so be sure to turn on the subtitles:

When I first saw that he had a freaking elevator going down into an underground bunker, I had to physically distance myself from my monitor in disbelief. I HAD to see this collection for myself. So yesterday, I dropped by and Thijs showed me his collection up close.

His collection is housed in a seperate building, with two floors each measuring 120 m² in size. In the first smaller area, he reserved a place for multiple PCs so he and his friends can play multiplayer games together like Counter Strike, which he played competitively a few years ago. And also a corner where he can record podcasts (dutch only at the moment) and do some unboxing videos for his YouTube channel.

Check out the unboxing Video of this awesome Batman Arkham Origins Press Kit for example:

When going into the next room, you’re greeted with lots of Retro Goodness: Old Consoles, TVs & Arcade cabinets. A small sampling:


But what you’re all probably most eager to see, is what’s hiding below. And to get there, you can take a freaking elevator.


Once descended, you’re greeted by a lifesized Lara Croft statue and more games and consoles than you can count. Check out all these awesome different Nintendo handhelds from over the years:

hal 1

A few different Gamecubes and Nintendo 64 games (on the right side of the photo you see where the elevator comes down)


Plenty of collector’s editions take up a lot of shelfspace:

hal 2

Some presskits (some more detailed photos below)


Try to count the different Xbox One Consoles, a platform he really wanted to love but unfortunately had lots of hardware issues with. I was told the Halo and Forza ones even have their own special start-up sounds!

xbox one

Several special editions of the Playstation 4 and some Sega Consoles on the right.

hal 3

It’s not an exaggeration when I say that he owns more consoles than I do physical games. It’s truly an impressive sight to behold. Many of these I had only ever heard about, but hadn’t seen in real life yet. The Dreamcast is a famous name among game enthousiasts, but I had never before seen one up close. He even had a lot of the games (which I’m told aren’t that easy to get a hold of these days) – it made me curious to see Grandia II in action as the Playstation 2 port I played had awful graphics…


The most impressive wall (to me, as they line up so nicely and I’m a sucker for order) was dedicated to the Playstation games. He’s even anticipating having some space left over for when the Playstation 5 will inevitably hit he market.


One other thing that makes the Playstation brand really interesting to collect for these days, is that they allow for manufacturers to print limited runs of certain games. something I personally fault the Xbox brand for as I would love to pick up some limited run Xbox games myself (but they have minimul print run requirements that are too high)


Speaking of Limited Run games, if you ever encounter a copy of Cursed Castilla for Playstation 4, be sure to contact him, as he’s still on the lookout for it (he does have the PSVita version of it though)

And while Limited Runs may be difficult to get a hold off, the truly hard to get collector’s items, are Press Kits. His most prized posession at the moment is the Press Kit for the Last of Us, his favourite game.

The Last of Us

Collecting these isn’t just all fun and games though… (Well, actually it’s mostly about games!) but it also requires some hard work. He had to move to a bigger house just to have the necessary storage facility, put up all the shelves… and also maintain the collection and find a good place to put all the new stuff that comes in:

new games unboxing

I can imagine it takes a lot of time to shelve all of them, time that could have been spent gaming, so it takes real dedication to keep the collection looking as tidy as it does. I didn’t want to take up too much more of his time (or storage on my phone, as taking pics of everything would be impossible) so if you want to check out more of his collection be sure to check out his Instagram account, on which he shares a lot of pictures from his collection. Here are some links to his Social Media accounts:

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