Fun Gaming Tech with Practical Applications

The gaming world is sometimes where the next big mainstream technology is developed. Some new tech might start off as something loved by gaming enthusiasts, but people soon begin to discover other uses for it than just having fun. If you can think of some gaming technology that’s fun to use, there’s probably a more practical use for it in some area or another. Check out some of these top tech advancements that make gaming even better than before, but that could also help you do your job better or even help to give someone a better quality of life.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has been around for a while now. Some of the biggest products include smartwatches and fitness trackers, but there are also options like glasses. Wearable tech has started to become an interesting development in gaming, allowing you to wear devices that you can use to play games or that will enhance your gaming experience. Wearables are also very useful in the professional world. If you click here, you can see some excellent examples. Wearing glasses and cameras can help to keep workers connected. They can have people assist them remotely, without needing to be sat at a desk.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has become the next big thing in gaming. While some people are still waiting on VR sets to become more affordable, plenty of people are enjoying what’s already on the market. Virtual reality can have some amazing applications outside of gaming too. One way it has been used is in therapy to provide immersion therapy, computerized CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and other treatments. VR can also be used in the classroom to engage students, and it has plenty of applications in the business world too. It could enhance the shopping experience in a store or show someone the incredible travel opportunities available to them.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the cousin of virtual reality, but it plays with the real world instead of presenting an entirely virtual one. It’s starting to be used more in gaming, but it could be a while before it starts being used more in business. It has lots of potential applications, though, such as remote guidance for workers who are away from their workplace or training capabilities, helping people to practice and observe real-life scenarios. In retail, augmented reality could help to provide better customer service by helping customers to choose the best products for them.

Voice and Gesture Control Tech

Voice control isn’t particularly new, but it is starting to become more reliable in the gaming industry. Gesture control is interesting too, often making gaming more physical. In business, these methods of controlling technology could help workers be more connected to the tech they use. It can leave their hands free to do other things, so they don’t need to hold devices. Voice and gesture control tech could be combined with wearable technology too.

Gaming tech might begin as something intended for fun, but it can become very useful in lots of different areas. But it’s often in gaming where new things are tried and tested.

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