Games With Gold Was Terrible In 2017 & Needs To Improve In 2018

This year has not been a good year for Xbox’s Games with Gold. While there has been some good games to be released through Games with Gold this year, it seems that with the addition of the Game Pass subscription that Xbox has introduced this year, Games with Gold has some what decrease in what titles it release, meaning it seems more lesser known games or big name games from years ago made the Games with Gold list this year.

At the beginning of 2017, it appeared that Games with Gold was doing good and having at least one or two games that was really good or big named games but as the year went on, it appeared that the indie games and the lesser known games started to make more of an appearance on the Games with Gold lists. For November, I had never heard of any of the games that was on the Games with Gold list.

The games that seemed to stand out this year, as far as big named games are concerned, are  Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 1 & 2, Borderlands 2, Ryse: Son of Rome, Assassin’s Creed 3 & Revelations, Watch Dogs, Dragon Age Origins, Lego Star Wars & Pirates of the Caribbean, Bayonetta, Forza Motorsports 5, and Gone Home. Even for big named games, these Games with Gold selections for this year, seemed as though they were at least a couple of years old or older and by now probably would have already had these games before they had made the Games with Gold list.

As far as the other Games with Gold games, they seemed to be lesser known games or indie games that had made it to the list. Slime Rancher was a new indie game that had came out this year and was placed on August’s lineup for Games with Gold which was a big deal for an indie game that was released the same month. I’m not saying that the lesser known games or the indie games are bad, it is weird how this year, there has been a lot of games that I haven’t heard of or they might not be as popular as the other games in the Games with Gold lineup.

With Game Pass coming out this year, Games with Gold seem to be giving more of the indie games or games that they don’t want to put in the Games with Gold lineup. Whether it be due to them figuring they can make more money off of the games in the Game Pass with the $9.99 a month subscription as well as people buying the game if they like it or whatever the reason may be for Xbox giving more indie or lesser known games for Games with Gold or well known games that are over a couple of years old. It just seems like Game Pass is the downfall for Games with Gold this year. It is disappointing especially for those of us who only have Xbox Gold that we are getting the lesser known games, though the games might be fun and good.

I am not expecting every month to have a big name title game that came out this year, if only there was one or two months, maybe three months at the most, have one big named game that has come out within the year as a Games With Gold, then it would possibly justify having a Games with Gold. Game Pass people are probably asking why not get Game Pass then? We have our reasons for not getting Game Pass whether its financial or because we don’t see a need to pay $10 a month for a Netflix type library of games only to have to buy the game if we like it and before it leaves out of the library. It seems that with the Game Pass, the quality of Games with Gold is slipping and if it keeps on slipping because of Game Pass and if they continue to add the lesser known games to Games with Gold, people are probably going to start to lose interest in the Games with Gold which would not be good.

Hopefully with the launch of Xbox One X this year, maybe the Games with Gold will get better but if November and December Games with Gold are an indication as to what Games with Gold is going to be with Xbox One X out, then I fear for the future of Games with Gold. Overall, Games with Gold didn’t have a good year, though they did have quite a bit of good games on their list. Xbox is starting to slack on Games with Gold.

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  1. Even before the “Exclusives first”, gamepass was terrible news for games with gold.
    All old MS exclusives seems to go into gamepass before GWG, and no gamepass game has gone GWG yet. Luckily there are many 360 games left and games with licenses like Forza Horizon 2 may go GWG for one last push a week before all DLC and stuff is pulled from the shops.

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