Why Do People Tend to Gamble from Their Mobile Phones Rather Than PC?

The introduction of the mobile platform proved to be a game changer in nearly every industry; this is with the inclusion of the online gambling industry. Even though these gadgets have been in the market for the shortest time in comparison to TV screens and personal computers, they are the most widely used with access to hundreds of millions of users. Therefore, it is no surprise that businesses like the gambling industry would take advantage of this widespread use to reach even more clients.

The casino business was quick to jump aboard the mobile gaming bandwagon with some of the earliest mobile casinos being traced as far back as 2002. The platform was quick to be adopted by gamblers and soon became a niche on its own. Even after the introduction of mobile devices, personal computers still dominated the gaming scene. However, in recent times, smartphones and tablets have seen massive developments that have made it viable competition for their PC counterparts. Mobile gadgets now have bigger memory spaces, powerful software, and faster processors.

Mobile gambling stands as the highest revenue generator for the gambling business, dwarfing out brick and mortar establishments. Over the years, mobile gambling has seen the launch of hundreds of thousands of gambling destinations dedicated to mobile users. Most online gaming software developers also provided games whose software is compatible with mobile operating systems. Some of these game providers include:

  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
  • Amaya Gaming
  • Net Entertainment
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Rabcat Gaming
  • NextGen Gaming
  • Betsoft
  • Play’N Go
  • Habanero
  • Williams Interactive
  • Barcrest Games
  • Bally Gaming
  • International Game Technologies (IGT), etc.

These online gaming software developers provide various sets to mobile gamers that include real money roulette, slots, blackjack, baccarat, poker, video poker, craps, scratch cards, and many more.

Depending on the software used, these games can be accessed in either download or no download form. The download versions are found in stores and usually come with some changes from the PC version to suit small smartphone and tablet screens. The instant play versions, on the other hand, are played directly on the wide web and mostly appear the same as the PC versions. The installation of a flash player may be required to eliminate any glitches if iSense or HTML 5 technology has not been used in making the game.

Pros of Mobile Gambling

Mobile gambling has been able to overtake PC gaming due to a number of reasons that favor the player. Some of these reasons include:


  • Convenience


This is the single biggest reason most players have confessed to why they prefer gambling on their devices rather than a personal computer. Unlike desktop computers, mobile devices are with the owner nearly everywhere they go thanks to their small and light nature; this means that they can be whipped out and used at any location without having to wait until one gets home or any other specific location. Therefore, one can engage in gameplay when waiting for a bus, standing in a queue, or when involved in any other outdoor activity. Once the player has gambled to their satisfaction, they can put away the device easily without much hassle.

Additionally, mobile devices do not need to be plugged in to operate. Unlike most PCs, phones are built with a battery that stores charge, allowing one to use their phone for as much as twenty-four hours without the requirement of a recharge. Desktop computers, on the other hand, need to be plugged in to operate. One may argue that laptop computers operate on a battery charge, but its life does not last as long as that of mobile devices. Additionally, the bulky nature of laptops puts their convenience beneath that of mobile devices.


  • Provision of exclusive bonuses and promotions


Bonus and promo offers are recognized as an intricate part of running the online casino industry. These offers come in numerous sizes and shapes, some of them including welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, cashbacks, and match promotions. In the craze of mobile gambling, some online gaming destinations have partnered with gadget companies to provide rewards that are specialized for mobile gamers.

One of the most popular companies that provide such offers is Samsung. The casinos that have partnered with this giant offer their gamers bonus and promo rewards for using Samsung smartphones and tablets to access their site. Others like iPhone and Nexus are also moving with the trend. The rewards are given in the as free spins, real money, cashbacks, and match promos. Even though the amounts offered are not too big, they still boost the gambler’s play time. Varying terms and conditions accompany these bonuses.


  • Inclusion of 4K technology


4k technology stands as the clearest display in existence at the moment. This technology allows the user to view screen contents vividly. Until recently, this tech was only limited to desktop and laptop computers. However, now we see numerous mobile gadgets being released in the market with this technology, making casino games as vivid on smartphone and tablet screens as they are on PC screens. Even though this tech is yet to achieve widespread use in mobile devices, the fact that it has already started being featured is a big plus for this gambling platform.

The preference of mobile gambling over PC gambling is quite vivid in the market. With such advantages backing smartphone and tablet use when engaging in this leisure activity, it is quite easy to see why mobile gambling is dominant in the online market

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