Top 5 Reasons Why Gamers Should Own a Memory Foam Bed


Ok, we all obsess with computers these days, no matter what we do for a living and no matter what we do in leisure time. You stare at the screen for work or fun, but we all do this for many hours.

I have to confess, I’m a gamer and I stare at the screen even more than other people, sometimes days on end. Guilty! Well, any gamer out there knows the thrill of sitting on that chair even for days and will say the same thing as I do!

There is one problem. After all the fun is over and I leave the chair, I have bad back pains. Not just that, also insomnia headaches, stiff back and tons of other things. My body screams out in need of good sleep.


Yes, I’ve invested a lot in my computer, the gear and chair –my most precious things. But, my bed was also a nice worthy investment. Found the perfect one with some research on and got myself a memory foam. Money well spent.

My back and spine feel perfect

The Memory foam adapts amazing to each body part. My weight is spread evenly all over the mattress. The feeling left me speechless. I felt like I was sleeping on a cozy cloud!

Gamers know that shoulders, neck and back suffer horrible pains after a gaming marathon. This type of mattress feels like it was made only for me and my body curves. It’s really that good.

Pain is instantly gone

Speaking of pain let me tell you one thing. I will not top gaming that’s for sure, even at the cost of upper body pain.

My bed now is my pain-cure. I love it just as I love the gaming. Back cracking, shoulders aching and I’m already rushing to my bed. This one has a special pressure point for relieving pain.

And this just means every day I can feel as good as new.

Gaming is tough just as a regular job

Obviously, gamers need their focus, energy and of course good rest and mental preparing to win some ‘battles’. How could I win a game if I’m totally worn out?

If I’m worn out, it’s because I haven’t slept well and a bad mattress is to blame for that. It’s not just the chair that needs to be comfy and great quality. Your bed prepares you for next round of screen-staring and gaming.

Maintenance is super-easy

I have not seen or met one gamer that is excited about cleaning up a room, or in this case the bed and mattress. Setting aside the empty snack bags is one thing, but delicate bed-care?

To be honest bed care is not my thing, at least not my favorite. Honestly, I spend more time on my computer.

Memory foam just needs some vacuuming once in a while and that’s about it. Seriously the best thing I got, apart from my game-gears.

Sometimes the bed is my gaming-station

Hands down, the best part is when I can play my games where I sleep. When I feel super-lazy to even sit on the chair, I just get my laptop and head straight to bed.

Now it doesn’t matter if I’m sitting, reclining or lying on my stomach. This mattress is awesome and adapts to your body in a unique way, so gaming is now a whole other experience!

What I love the most here is that I might fall asleep as I feel my eyes getting heavy. Even if I do, I’ll wake up in my super-comfy bed.

Ok, your head might end up on the keyboard or next to your laptop, but anyway you’ll be well-rested!






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