Indie Garden Assembly – A Closer Look At 8 Upcoming Indie Games

The past weekend I travelled to Valenciennes, France, to have a look at some indie games being shown at Indie Garden Assembly 2018.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it on Friday when the event was only open to press and other industry people (and when the majority of the TED-like talks took place) and on the next day a few exhibitors couldn’t show up anymore.

Nevertheless, I’ll share with you my thoughts and experiences playing some of these Indie games that will be out in the coming months.

Antigraviator Gladiabots Hoverloop
OQO Chop Youropa
Dolmen Double Kick Heroes  



What is it? A Futuristic anti-gravity racer with high speed ships which also lets you set up traps for unsuspecting opponents
Platforms Steam, Xbox One & Playstation 4
Release date Q2 2018
What’s to love? Great sense of speed

Gorgeous Visuals

Up to 4 player Multiplayer through local splitscreen

Multiple paths through each track

Any concerns? Too similar to existing franchises?

12 tracks, but only 4 worlds (will there be enough varience?)

Highlights of the day Coming in 3rd, 1st and 1st in my three test-races

Playing split-screen multiplayer vs a friend is still great fun and should become a focus again in other games.

They won the Audience award

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What is it? A robot fighting game where you have to program the AI of your bots.
Platforms Steam, iOS, Android
Release date Coming soon to Steam and iOS,

Out on Android already

What’s to love? Challenging

Online multiplayer that doesn’t require the other people to be online at the same time

Perfectly suited as a mobile game

Any concerns? Not for everyone

Could use more inspired backgrounds

A lot of time spent doing Trial & Error

Highlights of the day My companion causing a Mexican stand-off (his bots and AI had identical coding so the game ended in a draw)

Remembering why I quit programming (I’m not very good at it)





What is it? A multiplayer focused drone combat game
Platforms Steam & Xbox One
Release date In Early Access on steam,

Coming to Xbox One in summer 2018

What’s to love? Up to 4 player Split-Screen Multiplayer

A lot of different modes to try out

Fun skins for the bots

Balanced level designs

Any concerns? Single player doesn’t hold your interest very long

Camera concerns: beware of motion sickness

User Interface needs polishing

Highlights of the day Teaming up with a friend and the two developers to set an all-time record in the survival mode. We survived 30 waves of enemies!
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What is it? A stylish puzzle game
Platforms Steam, Switch, Mobile (iOS, Android)
Release date Start of 2019
What’s to love? Stylish Visuals

Soothing soundtrack

Simple concept

Hard to put down

Any concerns? When too many circles are visible it becomes difficult to figure out what’s going on.

Hard to put down 😀

Highlight Won the Best Game Award at the event




What is it? A multiplayer focused brawler game
Platforms PC/Mac
Release date Coming soon
What’s to love? 4 player same-screen multiplayer

Chopping an enemy in half feels visceral

Solid controls & gameplay

The “escape through portal” part required to win is brilliant as it adds a lot of tension

Any concerns? Could use bigger character variety

Not a lot of single player potential

Sound could use some fleshing out

Highlight Getting my ass kicked by my friend and a more experienced player




What is it? A gravity-defying puzzle exploration game
Platforms Steam

(console release TBA)

Release date Coming soon
What’s to love? Metroid-Vania like character growth (learning new exploration skills along the way)

Visual design is very appealing

Great pacing and lots of room for fun achievements (collecting out of reach stuff)

Any concerns? Sometimes difficult to figure out what to do

Camera controls when zooming out to view the world

Animal cruelty (poor little dog)

Highlight Learning that this game has been 10 years in the making.

Creating my own character design

Figuring out that you have to kick a dog and drag its (unconscious, I hope) body onto a switch to proceed.





What is it? A Sci-fi Dark Souls-like game
Platforms Steam, Xbox One & Playstation 4
Release date Steam: September 2018

Xbox One & Playstation 4: 2019-2020

What’s to love? Great sci-fi character models (Dead Space, Mass Effect inspired)

Good Weapon variation

Level design reminiscent of Dark Souls

Any concerns? Wall textures look uninspired

Not a lot of enemy variation yet

Stamina seems to run out awful fast

Sound design (weapons don’t sound as if they have enough of an impact)

Highlight None: Demo took too long for one player to finish so didn’t get to play myself, but he did beat the demo’s Boss.


Double Kick Heroes


What is it? A Pixelated Rhythm game with Heavy Metal music
Platforms Steam
Release date TBA
What’s to love? Supports the Guitar Hero controllers!

The 8-bit heavy metal music tracks

The graphical style fits the tone perfectly

Very addictive

Any concerns? You can only shoot when game/rhythm lets you (could use some ‘Last resort’ abilities

You need to both look at the nodes to hit AND the zombies to know which row to hit

Difficult to hit multiple notes in a row with an Xbox controller

Highlight Beating three levels in a row and wanting to play more and more of it!


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  1. I’m definitely excited for Youropa! I’m already a huge fan of puzzle games, but the added element of using gravity in puzzles makes it seem even more fun. Even though it gets difficult at times, I still really want to try it out! Another game that I’m really excited to try this year is Nova Nukers. It’s a competitive multiplayer that has really interesting character and weapon designs. The stage is also a rotating sphere, and I’m really curious to see how that will work out in a multiplayer environment.

    • I’ll be sure to cover it once it’s released on Console 😀

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