When You’re Writing a Blog, Make Sure Your Content Is Safe

The Internet era is the time when access to information is almost unlimited. But when somebody`s stealing content from your blog, such access becomes a disaster.

Writing a Blog: How to Make Sure Nobody`s Stealing Your Content?

So you`ve decided to become a blogger. Congrats on that! We`re absolutely sure that your opinions are worth sharing.

However, you`re the only one who wants to share your own opinions, isn`t that right? You don`t want a stranger to visit your webpage and then spread your wisdom, wittiness, and awesome photography skills all over the immense world wide web. Or, perhaps, you have already fallen a victim of those bad guys.

First and foremost, there is at least something positive about this situation.

If somebody is stealing your content, it means that it`s interesting, and many people want to get familiar with it. Obviously, you`d prefer them doing this in a more or less legal way. But who on earth would like to steal something absolutely worthless? We`ll give you a couple of minutes to reflect on this.

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An Online Double-Edged Sword

It`s our mission to protect you from wrongful decisions, so there`s something that you need to know about this whole “don`t touch my content” mood.

The more steps you take trying to save your pictures and texts, the worse your SEO strategy is going to look. People don`t like when they`re forbidden from stealing (I wonder why?), they like free cool photos and the opinions that they can copy&paste for their Twitter.

So, the more cautious you are, the angrier your followers will get. Is there any chance to settle a win-win situation here? Let`s see what we can do.

When You Don`t Want to Go Harsh and Radical

You don`t want your blog to become a total failure in terms of SEO, so you are just going to keep things casual between you and your followers. It`s like a committed relationship: you can scare them away with the pressure. The most optimal decision for you would be allowing the copyright with an obligatory linking back to you aka creator of original content.

Of course, you can`t trust people these days (like you could ever trust them in any other period of history), you may just leave a request on your page to link everything back to you and hope that your followers love and respect you so much that they would actually listen to you.

Doesn`t sound that convincing, huh? There are Internet companies out there who can build you some kind of a special protection mechanism which will always link any stolen content to you. This sounds much better, but remember that this service doesn`t come cheap.

A Psychological Factor

How do warning signs in the streets work on you? When you see a red framed note “Don`t walk on the lawn” or “Don`t litter”, do you feel the obligation to fulfill that request? Do you think a similar notification is going to work for your blog?

It actually will! Even if you have no additional protection against content stealing, a mere warning can be effective. Of course, it won`t eliminate the risk completely, but it will work as a psychological weapon.

People don`t like red signs, they cause unpleasant associations. So “Don`t copy” is a possible solution. However, it definitely won`t provide 100% security.

Don`t Let Them Play with the Buttons

You know that right click that makes wonders and allows you to steal all kinds of content you want? Perhaps, you didn`t know about it, but you can actually disable it, and nobody could do such trick with your blog. None of your pictures or text fragments will ever be posted by someone else.

But again, these are some extreme measures, and the risk of receiving a negative or even hateful response from your current or potential followers is big.

A Watermark Is a Must

I guess this one is a method which everybody is familiar with, especially if you happened to spend a couple of hours trying to remove that watermark from a really cool photo. Honestly, it wasn`t me. Besides, it was an unsuccessful attempt. So, yes, watermarks for pictures are working.

But what can you do about text itself? There is a solution! We aren`t sure you`re going to like it though. You may try putting text into frames and watermark them as well.

Will it be harder for users to perceive the information? Definitely! Will it protect your blog from content theft? Unless those stubborn people are willing to retype it, then it`s also a yes.

But I`m afraid we`ll have to leave this decision up to you.

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