Super Lucky’s Tale – Gilly Island DLC Review

I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that Super Lucky’s Tale was getting additional content. I got to review the game last year and it was one of the most enjoyable and good looking platformers I’ve ever played. Check the Review HERE

It just so happens to be in March’s Xbox Game Pass subscription, so you kind of owe it to yourself to check it out!

In this $4.99 Game Add-on, Lucky gets to explore a brand new world: The tropical paradise, called Gilly’s Island.

Super Lucky's Tale tropical

Sure, I want to play ball!

Welcome Back to Adventure!

“Super Lucky’s Tale”, the delightful playground platformer for all ages, returns with another thrilling chapter. Fresh from his victory over Jinx, Lucky is looking forward to a day off in good old Foxington. But the Book of Ages has other plans, and Lucky is once again pulled in, this time emerging into the tropical paradise of Gilly Island.

Despite its beauty and renown as an award-winning vacation spot, it’s quickly apparent that something is amiss on Gilly Island. Lucky learns that Lady Meowmalade has hijacked the islands to throw the greatest (worst) party ever seen as she celebrates the release of her latest single. Now Lucky must rescue the islands and its vacationers from Meowmalade’s chaos before it ruins their fun and ultimately wrecks havoc to all the worlds within the Book of Ages.

Join Lucky on his latest adventure, filled with classic platforming challenges, brain-bending puzzles, mysterious foxholes, and tropically treacherous obstacle courses. Meet characters new and old as you burrow your way through a sun-soaked paradise. May the luck of the clover guide your path!

The island quickly became my favourite of the worlds as the sunny vibes were a welcome change to the freezing temperatures we’re currently experiencing in most of the world. As in the main game, the hub world is populated with cute looking critters, coins and games to collect and different levels to beat. And just like the main game, each of these levels has 4 clovers to collect: One for beating it, one for collecting 300 coins, one for finding all the LUCKY letters and one hidden as a secret.

Super Lucky's Tale Donkey Kong

it’s on like donkey Kong!

We also see the return of the Sliding Puzzles (five in total) and this time around there even was one that completely stumped me. I’m ashamed to admit it took me a full twenty minutes to figure it out.

Super Lucky's Tale sliding puzzle

See if you can do better…

There’s a total of 18 new clovers to collect and 500 achievement points to earn. Three of them now reward you for collecting coins which actually (kinda) solves an issue I had with it originally: outside of collecting the 300 coins each time to get the clover, there really wasn’t any point in getting them. Though the 99.999 coins one is something only the most hardened completionists will attempt.

Speaking of Achievements, quite a few of them seemed to be bugged this time around. The one for getting 15.000 coins only popped once I had gotten around 18.000 of them, the one for not hitting any switches (in a level built around hitting switches) triggered for free even though I had totally hit all of them multiple times and the most frustrating ones centered around not getting hit. After three runs through a level and not getting hit a single time, the achievement for it still didn’t pop. In the end, I had to resort to jumping Lucky into the ocean and try only the last part of the level again. (which forced it to pop)

Another frustration was that the EXACT same issue with the sound cutting out completely was still present here. Luckily it only seems to occur when you start recording footage of the game, so most people will never experience it at all. (Content creators and reviewers everywhere will pull their hair out while they reluctantly soft reset their console though…)

Finally, the end boss is a pure treat: it’s one of the more enjoyable ones in the game and had a lovely soundtrack to boot.

Beating the DLC 100% (not counting the coin-collecting achievement) will take you about 2-3 hours and I wholeheartedly recommend it. It’s been a blast revisiting this lovely world and I can’t wait for Playful Corp to drop more add-on content for it.

Super Lucky's Tale - Gilly Island



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  1. Yawn, anyone really wanting more of this bland game?

    • I’m sure PS4 fans want it since they also support garbage like Knack

    • You should try it.

      • I’ve got better games on my phone, sorry. Better looking ones too.

        • Yeah like Knack and Gran Turd-ismo aka the worst racer of 2017 only on PSBore

          • Most racers on the net actually agree that GT Sport is the much better game than Flopza7. Nice try though.
            Btw Knack sold better than most Microsoft exclusives this gen lol

          • If that was the case than Gran Turd-ismo would of scored higher, but was actually the lowest scoring racer of 2017, so most reviewers agree that it’s garbage, what else is new? Don’t worry though, maybe Gran Turismo 7 will be better when it comes out in 2034, maybe it’ll score a 76 this time =O lmao

    • You probably would considering PS4 owners bought that piece of crap Knack Lawl

      • Knack sold twice as good for sure. Btw it’s not a bad game at all. It’s got 4 stars on Amazon.

        • Yeah, it just shows that PS4 owners are so dumb they’ll buy anything, oh and now we’re using Amazon reviews? Super Lucky Tale has a 4 star on Amazon as well lol Hans Wurst gets destroyed yet again, what else is new?

          • Super Lucky’s what? What is that? Never heard of that. Did it even sell 100K? I doubt it.

          • Yawn…use reviews, then use sales, then use reviews, then use sales, Knack is bad, Gran Turismo is bad and the worst selling of the series at a measily 3 million.,.OUCH how embarrassing smh

          • GT Sport sold more than GT6 in the same time frame. At least know what you’re talking about kid.

          • GT6 was also a low selling GT selling under 5 million copies in 3 years, a crap game now has crap sales…OUCH smh

          • Still three times as many sales as Forza 6 or 7 lol

          • And still 3 times as worse lmao

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