5 Things Microsoft Must Do In 2018 For the Xbox One to Have A Successful Year

With the launch of the Xbox One X Microsoft seems to be doing well with the new hardware, so here are a few things I think they need to do to build upon the momentum for 2018.

Exclusives: One of the big complaints this console generation has been the lack of exclusive titles for the Xbox. Several were announced for release in 2017 and they were delayed or canceled altogether. The big two of these are Sea of Thieves and Crackdown 3 which we should see release in the first half of this year. They need to build on this by announcing some new titles at E3 that we haven’t heard about yet, I hear rumors of a number of titles in the works but nothing confirmed yet. Right now, this is the real weak spot for Xbox but it’s not going to be fixed overnight, since the development cycle for a game is rather long. Another thing they could do is reboot of some old franchises like Crimson Skies.

VR or Augmented Reality: In some of the early press from Microsoft concerning the One X they mentioned VR but I haven’t heard anything lately in regards to it. Several products are available for the PC and of course PlayStation VR for the PS4, Microsoft seems to be holding back on it for some reason, that might be due to the failure of the Kinect. I really think this is a hole in the product line that needs something there but they also don’t want to end up with another Kinect situation. I do think it would be rather easy to adapt one of the existing headsets to work since the Xbox is running a version of Windows under the UI.

E3: Since this year it doesn’t look like we are going to see any new major hardware and that’s always exciting it falls on the games to be the stars of the show which I think makes things a little harder. Again, this is to be where the exclusive titles are really important and we need to see some new stuff that hasn’t been announce yet.

New Controller: I would like to see a new controller priced between that standard one and the elite. I have been using an elite for several years now and can’t stand the stock controller that comes boxed with the console. I think if they would stop making all the different variations of the stock controller and make a mid-range one that was built better for around $70 dollars it would sell well. Asking a $150.00 for an elite is kind of high for a casual gamer to spend. I know this isn’t a must do, but I really would like to see a better-quality controller.

Loot Boxes: The whole situation with loot boxes is getting out of hand and is going to end up really hurting the industry. I think all of the console manufactures not just Microsoft need to take a stand and not certify games where loot boxes affect gameplay. Loot boxes for cosmetic stuff is fine, a good example of this is Path of the Exile. If the industry doesn’t do some self-regulation then governments will, and nobody wants that.

Right now, the priority is exclusive games and Microsoft is very much aware of this and are working on it. They are starting the year off in a pretty good position and if we see some new games that will go a long way if not then they could be in real trouble.

Feel free to add any to the list in the comments section.


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  1. A major one, don’t cancel anything, especially games that haven’t even been officially announced yet like Fable 4.

    Gotta love E3 being a main point yet again though. Makes sense, that’s still what the Xbots are even telling themselves to be hyped for, even on some of the major fanboy podcasts.
    And these are the same people that claim Xbox won E3 last year with a Crackdown 3 release date that got delayed into “Spring 2018” (still with no date in sight and only 2 months left of Spring, 4 weeks for the game to go gold too to make that “date”) and the other groundbreaking E3 winner being Super Lucky Tale that they never even bought then.

    And no Xbox fan will agree with you that some sort of VR support is necessary until Microsoft get the finger out and jump in.

    • Lol who claimed Xbox won last years E3? The general consensus was that both Microsoft and Sony were unwhelming and that Ubi had the best conference. Also who said anything about Super Lucky Tale being a winner? 90% of the opinions for that game were that it looked like a fun platformer and nothing else. Stop making things up and being so insecure

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