Game Review of Toy Crush

Today I got to unearth a gem of the game known as Toy Crush. This brain game by Match 3 Fun Games has all the right ingredients to guarantee fun-filled gaming sessions. For starters, it’s lit up like Legoland with an exciting array of blocks and toys as far as the eye can see.

There are some spectacular boosts available during your gaming sessions, and you’ll be introduced to those as you progress through the levels. Currently, Toy Crush has an incredible rating of 4.5/5 from 8,860 reviewers, and some new features were recently added to boost the game’s appeal. Before I get to the fun-filled aspects of this game, I’d like to go through the game mechanics – what’s it all about, and how do you advance?

Toy Crush – Tile Blasting Sessions Await You

Toy Crush features multi-coloured cubes bearing unique shapes on them. These include triangles, circles, clouds, clubs, hearts, squares etc. It’s the colours that are important in this game, since you are required to match 2+ cubes alongside one another, and then remove them from that game level. As you clear levels, you will unleash powerful combinations, incredible gifts, and terrific in-game features.

Let me backtrack a minute and tell you exactly how this all plays out. Head over to the Google Play Store and download the app to your connected devices. All Android smartphones and tablets currently hooked up to your Gmail account will be displayed from your PC screen. If you choose to download the app from your smartphone, it’s just as easy.

Once the app loads up, you will notice a standard 7 x 7 grid of different coloured cubes on Level 1. Simply use your finger to swipe across at least 2 of the same colour adjacent cubes on your screen. This clears them from the screen and replaces them with new cubes that fall into place from above. The true magic of Toy Crush is what happens when you match up these cubes. Amazing features like rockets, spinning wheels that explode in all directions, removing all cubes from your screen, and bombs that trigger explosive results are also available.

Remember, only horizontal or vertical cubes can be matched – not diagonal. It’s even possible to remove perpendicular cubes from the game – those that are at right angles to one another with at least 3 of them featured. Once you’ve activated the rocket feature, it will be displayed with one rocket pointing in the opposite direction to the other rocket in the same block. Rockets can be vertical or horizontal. When you click it, it explodes and clears everything in its line of fire.


This is a great way to fast-track your progress through the game. There’s no need to hit the keys hard, or perform any ‘finger acrobatics’, simply tap tiles of the same colour and they disappear from the screen. Note that as you advance through different levels, so the layout of the blocks changes. You may not have a 7 x 7 grid format, you may have one that looks like an Iron Cross, or any number of other shapes.

What’s great about this game is that it’s 100% free to download and install, and there are some nifty features waiting for you:

  • Match either 5 or 6 blocks and you’ll be rewarded with a rocket.
  • Match 7 or 8 cubes and you will receive the bomb
  • Match 9 cubes and the amazing colour wheel is yours to enjoy

Here are some insights:

As you’re playing the game, you may wonder how you need to find the right combinations of symbols to clear them from your screen. You simply tap the cubes and the program will automatically determine whether you have formed a combination. Be sure to check out the top of your screen – it lists the number of moves that you’re permitted to make to clear that level. The number of moves you have left also indicates how many of each colour you need to clear before you advance to the next level. For example, just left of the moves box are cubes with numbers alongside them. That’s how many cubes you need to remove to move on to the next level.

Cool Aspects of Toy Crush:

  • It’s free to download and install
  • There are hundreds of levels to play through
  • It gets increasingly complex as you advance to higher stages of gameplay

If you run out of moves, you can buy additional moves with gold coin, or you can simply watch commercials and videos and get free moves. This is where the puzzle element of the game comes into the reckoning. You must stay focused to reach the target. The toys need to be moved from the top of the screen to the bottom for you to collect them. As the number of moves decreases, your job becomes even more challenging. This strategy-based game will get your neurons firing and keep you alert at all times!

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