Short History of Console Gamble Games

The First Console – Odyssey

Virtual gamble games were present from the beginning of consoles. Back in September 1972, Magnavox released the first home video game console. This console was called Magnavox Odyssey which used an ordinary TV. This console had strange looking controller. It had two knobs, one for horizontal moves and one for vertical moves. Basically, the console showed two “dots” (which looked more like two big white squares) on the TV. Each dot was only able to move on the X and Y axis. Since the console showed only the “dots”, plastic television overlays were needed to show the environment.

Besides classic games like Table Tennis, Hockey and Football, a gamble game was also present. It was simply called Roulette and looked very primitive. In short, there was a TV overlay showing a roulette seen from above. The rules were pretty simple, randomly move the knobs and wait for the white “dot” settle down in a random position on the roulette overlay.

Modern Gamble Games

Later, good looking console gamble games like Prominence Poker or Pure Hold’em appeared. The new technology gave us the liberty to have nice looking games and with this opportunity, online casinos appeared. Today, there are all types of gamble games, from the classic Roulette to slots and card games.

One of the virtual reel that stands out is Book of Ra Deluxe. This is a virtual reel that uses five reels and five pay-lines, giving you more winning combinations. The slot can be played by simply using a web browser. It has a welcome bonus and free spins. The theme is based on adventure and its location is somewhere in ancient Egypt. In brief, try to get the book symbol, because it represents the bonus symbol and the joker.


As has been noted, video gamble games came a long way, being present from the beginning.

Therefore, video-gambling is part of the console world.




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