5 Reasons Why We Are Hyped For Far Cry 5

With Far Cry 5 coming out in a few days on the 27th, it was time for some hype for the upcoming game in the series.
Far Cry 5 is set in Hope County, Montana. The player is now the sheriff’s deputy and sent to Hope County to arrest Joseph Seed, a preacher. Seed and his congregation named Eden’s Gate are a doomsday cult where they terrorize the town and keep them from contacting the outside world for help.

#1 – Customize Your Own Character

For the first time in the franchise, the player can customize their own character. Though it might sound small in comparison with the rest of the game but its pretty cool that we can create our own character for the game.

#2 – The Activities

In Hope County, you’ll have a few different activities to do while taking a break from the missions. You could do some hunting to practice your aim or do some fishing. There’s a wingsuit and you can fly around Hope County. Also, you can tame some animals, which they had taken from the Far Cry Primal game which is cool. The activities sound like they would be a good distraction for when you want to take a break from doing any of the missions.

#3 – The Weapons and Vehicles

There is a lot of weapons and vehicles that you can use to your advantage in the game. Besides the guns, there is a crossbow and some firepower you can use with dynamite and grenades. Also, did I mention that you can use a baseball bat that has the American flag on it and you can throw rocks at your enemies? Now with the vehicles, you get a choice of different of cars and trucks, you can also use a helicopter and hydroplane and what’s really cool is that you can drive a tractor, yes a tractor! Now that is just way too amazing to pass up the chance to drive a tractor. You can also drive a semi! That is just another cool thing to do in the game.

#4 – The Story and characters

From what we know about the story and characters of Far Cry 5, this is just another reason to get hyped for the game. Just by the story along, it sounds interesting taking on a cult. It’s cool how the character can hire these different characters to help him out in taking out Father and Eden’s Gate.

#5 – Cheeseburger The Bear

Lastly, we need to talk about Cheeseburger the Bear. Yes, we can tame the bear and have him follow us around and helping out in a fight. Besides having a bear helping you during a fight, the name Cheeseburger is just right for a bear who used to eat food from the trash outside The Grill Streak. Also, there is Peaches the Cougar and Boomer the dog. These fangs for hire have gotten me really hyped for the game, especially Cheeseburger. I’m looking forward to using these animal friends in the game.

So that’s the five reasons why we’re hyped for Far Cry 5. What are you looking forward to doing in Far Cry 5?

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