Extinction – First Gameplay Footage Revealed.

Our review will be up soon, but we can already share some Gameplay footage to give you an idea of what Extinction will look like in action.

First up we have the very first quest in which you are required to kill a Ravenii, the giant Ogres whom you’ll be fighting throughout the game:

The above video takes place in the game’s main Story. But you also have other modes that are there to keep you entertained.

You’ll be able to try to get a top score every day in a Daily Challenge: Different everyday, but the same for all players across the globe so you can compete and try to get the best score. The goal can be to save as many villagers as possible, to kill a certain amount of Ravenii or Jackals (the regular sized enemies) or to keep watchtowers safe for as long as possible. You only get one shot each day though, so better make it count!

Yours truly didn’t seem to fare too badly compared to the other people already playing the game:


The most interesting mode perhaps, is the one that carries the game’s name: Extinction. In this mode you are tasked to survive as long as possible (on hit of a Ravenii WILL kill you) and rack up as high of a score as possible. There is an achievement to get a score of 1.000.000, but no one seems to have been able to get it yet.

Please look forward to our review, coming tomorrow!

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