How to Choose a Gamertag for Xbox Live

If you are having trouble thinking of a good gamertag to use on the Xbox, you are not alone! There are so many cool Xbox names out there and it can be intimidating when it comes to picking your own. After all, you want to compete with all the other people and stand out – you don’t want to be just another random name with a ton of numbers after it.

An original, funny and unique gamer tag can really get you noticed in the world of online gaming and it really does go a long way to help you make friends and forge alliances.

#1: Using Your Real Name

It is quite common to see other players using their real name, but you should exercise some caution here. It’s not such a major issue if you have a really common name, but a unique name is easier to track down outside of the online world and you could open yourself up to problems, especially if you were to inadvertently upset somebody online.

If you do go down the real name route, try not to use your full name. For instance, if your name is John Smith you may want to just use Smith or John and incorporate that into your gamertag cleverly.

#2: Gamertags Don’t Need to be Real Names

Lots of people commonly (incorrectly) assume that your gamertag has to be your real name or be somewhat related to it. In actual fact, your gamertag can be pretty much anything you would like it to be, so long as it is not offensive and does not use any distasteful words or phrases.

Why not incorporate your favorite game or hobby into your gamertag? With an Xbox gamertag, you can take any angle you want. If you want to be mysterious and obscure, why not go with something which sounds mysterious? Fancy yourself as a bit of a joker? Incorporate a clever and tasteful pun into your gamertag instead.

#3: Changing a Gamertag

One of the great things about Xbox Live is that you can change your gamertag if you get bored of it and want something fresh. This is great news if you made your gamertag a long time ago and find it a little bit embarrassing as you have gotten older.

Changing an Xbox gamertag is very simple, though it does cost money. At the moment, in the USA, a fresh gamertag will set you back 800 gamer points (around $8.00) which is a relatively small price to pay for a one-off name change, especially when you consider everything which is associated with your old gamertag!

An Xbox gamertag is not an exact science and you can choose to be known by pretty much anything you want, so long as it is not offensive or distasteful. There are lots of different angles which can be taken when it comes to creating a gamertag and, if you get bored or want a change, you can pay a small fee and change it – everything associated with your old gamertag will be gone and your new one will appear almost instantly.

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