ProjectMQ To Support Kinguin’s “Indie Valley” Program

ProjectMQ has been an advocate of the indie game community for a few years now. They regularly investigate strategic partnership opportunities, to help them achieve their mission to connect, support, and grow the global indie game community. Last Fall, they received an offer from Kinguin to support their “Indie Valley” program.

It’s no secret that secondary market platforms have a bad reputation, so they were initially skeptical of working with a key reseller site. To be sure that Kinguin was a good fit, ProjectMQ’s Marcus thoroughly researched Kinguin’s business over the last 6 months, including personally vetting their CEO and other executives.


In the past, Kinguin has been accused on dev forums like Tripwire of intentionally selling stolen keys. They’ve also been criticized for facilitating gray market activities like the incident with EA/Ubisoft:

“Customers can come and shop for digital product codes on their websites, not unlike an eBay for video games. But also like eBay, the merchandise up for sale is not being sold by these companies. G2A and Kinguin merely facilitate the transaction by moving money back and forth and offering up technical support where they are able.” — Charlie Hall, Polygon

Not only has Kinguin provided 100% refunds from revoked keys involved in the Ubisoft scandal, they also lead the industry in customer service (8.6 on Trust Pilot) and fraud prevention/protection. Kinguin is a gold standard in an industry full of theft and fraud, and they’re raising that standard with their “Indie Valley” program, helping indie devs sell their indie games directly!

buy from the developers

We’re thrilled to announce that ProjectMQ is partnering with Kinguin to help them relaunch their “Indie Valley” program! Kinguin has 6.5M users, and Indie Valley helps gamers buy indie games directly from the developers. You can read Kinguin’s official press release about the new partnership on their website. Here’s what ProjectMQ thinks about this AMAZING OPPORTUNITY:

In an industry where business ethics are in short supply, it’s refreshing to see that Kinguin has such strong values and integrity. Their dedication to security and customer service is unmatched, and we’re honored to give our full support to their Indie Valley program.” — Marcus, ProjectMQ’s CEO

I’ll be the first to admit that initially, I was very (very) opposed to a potential key reseller partnership, and that’s putting it kindly. However, over time, I’ve been consistently surprised by Kinguin’s genuine support for indie devs and gamers. I’m also thoroughly impressed with their willingness to address all concerns that we and our indie developer community have identified. Dominik and the Kinguin team have a true passion for improving the state of the indie gaming industry, and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with them.” — Malcolm, ProjectMQ’s CTO

Some of the incredible benefits of Indie Valley for devs include:

  • FREE promotion to Kinguin’s 6.5M gamers around the world, to help you stand out from the crowd.
  • EXCLUSIVITY for your games on Kinguin, so no other regular merchant will be able to resell them on the marketplace.
  • INDUSTRY-LEADING revenue share terms, so you maximize your profits.

Registering as an indie dev is as easy as clicking their signup link, and filling out a short form (**SPOILER ALERT** → this helps charity, see below). If you’d like extra info, you can learn more about this incredible opportunity here. Also, if you have questions about Kinguin’s PR and marketing support, you can reach out to Dominik, the director of Indie Valley, at Dominik is ecstatic about helping to support indie devs worldwide:

“Indie Valley joins forces with ProjectMQ, sharing its passionate mission of providing indie developers with intensive sales and exposure support. It’s hard to describe how thrilled I am to officially announce this partnership. It will change the (indie) game for even the most eccentric and extravagant productions, whose creators often take on difficult subjects within immersive narrations, build oneiric and imaginative environments or program inventive gameplay twists. I believe the close cooperation with ProjectMQ constitutes the status of Indie Valley as a place where art meets business without unnecessary corporate inflection.” ~Dominik Głowacki, Head of Indie Valley store

As a thank you to ProjectMQ for connecting them with indie devs, Kinguin is sharing 5% of their net profit from all indie games that register via ProjectMQ. ProjectMQ will be donating 100% of those proceeds to charity: the Notes For Life Arts & Technology Scholarship Foundation (Notes) and the Social Change Youth Foundation (SCYF).

ProjectMQ is excited for this opportunity to help indie devs build sustainable business models, while funding philanthropies that directly support game development, STEAM education, and minority representation! Some of the AMAZING indie games that they’ve hand-picked for Indie Valley include:

Aaero – Check our Review!


Legrand Legacy – Review coming soon!

Rogues Like Us


The Official Launch Date of ProjectMQ!

ProjectMQ: We thank God, our families, friends, and the global indie game community for their amazing support along our journey. It is with great joy and relief, that we can finally announce our WORLDWIDE ALPHA LAUNCH DATE: Monday, April 30th 2018! Remember, we’re focused on building a quality indie game ecosystem, so ProjectMQ is invite-only. If you haven’t done so, you can join the invitation waitlist HERE. Thanks for your ongoing support, as we continue our mission to make…

project MQ

Read More:

Our take:

I personally noticed ProjectMQ when they were holding one of their many Indie Features on Twitter. Not long after, one of the devs proposed to them that I should be added to their Slack chat (kind of a Discord like App). I’ve since seen the positive influence they’ve had on the indie community and how the developers themselves help each other get more social reach and tips on things like KickStarter projects, dev tools and marketing.

I was sceptical at first about them partnering up with a site Key-Reseller site like Kinguin, but it seems like the ProjectMQ twins did the required digging to make sure that they’ve entered into a deal with a trustworthy partner.

Personally, I can only see it benefit the many indie devs that struggle to get their game noticed/sold on the Steam marketplace, which is crowded by new games releasing every day. With the Indie Valley project, they will have more control over how much they earn and how many copies they sell. What’s more is that this deal gives them exclusivity, meaning other parties can’t start selling those games on the platform (preventing malpractices like people requesting review keys but selling them on the secondary market).

If you’ve been reading my articles, you may have noticed I featured a lot of indiegames myself (like my monthly 7 Days of Indies – next one starting on 16/4) and even reviewed/interviewed quite a bit. Including games like Aaero, Hoverloop, Past Cure, Switch Or Die Trying, Battery Jam, Code 7, Legrand Legacy, Acro Storm, GRIP, Rogues Like Us, Arrow Heads and many more! Many of chich I hadn’t heard about before I was involved with ProjectMQ.

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