3 Great Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Additions Of 2018 So Far

Microsoft have had one of their best backwards compatibility years and it’s not even half way through 2018 yet! There’s been some shocks along with titles that many have been waiting for since the program was announced almost 3 years ago now. The addition of original Xbox games also brought a lot of happiness to Xbox One owners this year with some shocking and highly wanted Xbox originals making the cut in 2018. Here’s our top 5 so far.

Sonic Generations

When looking back at 3D Sonic games, there’s not much currently out there that fans are calling great but there are past games that many are calling great and would like to see sequels for, and one of those titles was Sonic Generations which released in 2011. This has been a game that many have been asking to see on Xbox One as many have rightfully called it one of the best 3D Sonic games of the last decade, and it deserves to be played be new fans as well as old fans being able to replay this great 3D Sonic game.

Mafia II

Mafia III released a few years ago, and was a highly anticipated let down. Why was it so hyped? Well it’s because of this great game that came before it! Mafia II made its way to the service in 2018 after many had requested it to be added, and with the disappointment of its sequel, that was sure to have caused even more gamers out there to want the much superior Mafia II on Xbox One. Mafia II is set in the 40’s/50’s and is great look into this time period so don’t expect mobile phones, computers or even an online casino in a game like Mafia II, if you want all that just play GTA IV on Xbox One!

Fight Night Champion

Now for any boxing fans out there, you will know that this has been one that we have all been waiting for a very long time. Currently there are no boxing video games on PS4 or Xbox One and it’s not looking likely anytime soon so unless you kept your old PS3/Xbox 360 consoles there was no other way to play a boxing game. Thankfully Microsoft managed to get Fight Night Champion on Xbox One through backwards compatibility and by doing so they pleased many, many gamers out there who want to play a boxing game on a new console. Now lets hope the next step is an actual new game!


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