Xbox Games with Gold May 2018 Lineup Announced

Well the announcement is a little early but if you’re wondering what games will grace Games with Gold with their presence in May 2018 we have your answer.

On the Xbox One, Super Mega Baseball 2 will debut on Games with Gold and the critically acclaimed Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will also be available.

On the Xbox 360 and backwards compatible with Xbox One both Vanquish and Streets of Rage will be free.

It’s another pretty good month in my opinion with Metal Gear Solid V and Vanquish not to mention you’re getting a brand new game for free as well in Super Mega Baseball 2. Be sure to let us know in the comments what you think of the lineup.

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  1. Oh a good month indeed.

    • metal gear isn’t that on game pass already? Not a bad lineup, but do wish it was stronger that is for sure.

      I hope that they bring something epic and amazing to E3 this year. Something……

      • Super Lucky Tale 2 and a Crackdown 3 release date again? That’s something at least.

        • Huh? I don’t care about either of those to be honest. To be straight up crackdown has been dangled in front of our eyes for so long I’ve come blind to it! That and the powah of the clouds to go with it.

          “Ten times the powah of one Xbox one” in that clouds…….!!! HA!!!

          And to ask for a “release date” for something like crackdown now… this year’s E-3 is kind of a slap in the face after what’s been going on with as of late….!

          And no that would not be “something” this year. I am afraid MS doesn’t have enough in the chute for it to be released in a timely manner to the masses….

  2. MGS V TPP sucked SO bad. I don’t even want that game for free..

    • I only made it half way through before giving up. The lack of any character emotion and development was just shocking. And that opening to the game is still the worse opening I have ever played in a game to this day.

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