Destiny 2: Warmind Expansion Reveal

Despite what some on the internet say, Destiny 2 isn’t dead. It’s true that it’s suffered some setbacks, but I think Bungie plans to revitalize the franchise with some big changes heading to Destiny 2 in the second expansion: Warmind.

Warmind had it’s first livestream reveal this morning, showing off many new things that are heading to the game. Here are a list of things to expect come the release on May 8th:

-A new campaign that will return us to Mars and focus on a guardian named Ana Brey, and the A.I. Rasputin

-New enemy that was called Frozen Hive (although I’m sure this is just a nickname)

-A new endgame activity called Escalation Protocol, a wave based public event that promises exclusive rewards, and difficult bosses at the end (5 different bosses will be rotated weekly)

-Seasonal Crucible rankings, 2 different sets of rankings to play in, Valor (a more social ranking system) and Glory (a more competitive system)

-Private matches returning from the first Destiny with more modes

-New DLC crucible maps which you can play in crucible even without purchasing the second expansion, but ownership is required to play in private matches.

-Exotics Weapons (some) have been buffed and given new perks

-New Raid (which I think the game really needs at this time)

This list has me excited to for the expansion to drop. Season 3 begins alongside the release of Warmind on May 8th. What do you think about the expansion reveal? Are you excited for it? Let us know in the comments below. And until next time, Keep Gaming.

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