5 Reasons Why Social Slots are Growing in Popularity

Slots became popular the moment they were featured in land-based casinos. When they were made available online their popularity spiked, and it didn’t hit us as a surprise. But what did, is their popularity on social media platforms.

The so-called social slots are one of the most played games on social media today. So, what stands behind them to power this crazy amount of hype? Let us help you find the answer to this question by sharing a few key bits of information that you might lack.

They’re Just for Fun

Online slots are very fun and engaging to play, but the fun stops when players have to pay each time they want to spin the reels. Many people want to play them with no obligation to pay for such an enjoyable experience. This is where social slots hit the sweet spot.

Take, for instance, the free Slotomania game of online slot machines. They have become popular on social media just because they provide players with an opportunity to play just for fun. But being free and fun to play are not the only things that brought millions of players to these games.

Social slots come with no restrictions, and even though they are free, they provide players with a complete experience. This includes exciting bonuses and mini-games, and access to a huge variety of over 150 themed social slots.

Social Slots vs Video Slots

It is quite understandable why online slots are more attractive than the ones in land-based casinos. You can enjoy them from the convenience of your home, change games with a few clicks and try to get your money’s worth on online real money slots and new casino slot sites as soon as they hit the market. The social slots come with these advantages as well, but offer a few more on top all the others.

Social slots are available through social media. This means that people can engage with their friends and have even more fun than when playing regular online slots. This social aspect of online gaming seems to stand at the core of social slots’ popularity.

They’re Available Everywhere

Online slots are regulated by laws. The problem is that every country has different laws and regulations regarding online gambling. This makes it very hard on online casinos, but it doesn’t end there. The players who would like to play their favorite games can find it disappointing that they can’t access them due to restrictions applied because of laws and regulations.

Social slots have helped the players overcome these obstacles. Since social slots can be played for free, players across the borders can access them and play them. Add to this the convenience of mobile and you have the winning formula.

In fact, social slots are available on iPhone, iPad, Android as well through social media platforms. The number of users of the Slotomania App in Google play is the best proof of its widespread popularity.

They’re Designed to Keep Players Entertained

The factor that is vital for the success of any game in the social gaming industry is entertainment. In order to keep players returning, a social game has to offer a number of entertaining moments.

Social slots have taken the entertainment of online slots and spiced it up a bit. Keep in mind that all those animations, the sound, the pop-ups and the gamification are still there, but the players can now experience them for free. This means that they don’t have to worry about their money and experience the entertainment to the fullest.

Since they are accessed via social media platforms, social slots offer players the ability to compete with friends, get amazing bonuses by recruiting new players and engage with other people playing the same game. The other gamification features such as leveling based on XP gained, unlocking new slot bonuses, receiving daily bonuses and gifts are there to keep players entertained 24/7.

RTP is Flexible

Compared to online slots, the social slots RTP is flexible. In fact, the players have the complete control over it. Let us remind you that there is no online slot with the RTP that goes past 97%. The same rule applies to social slots as well, but there is one thing that changes this drastically.

Social slots reward players with free credits. All those gifts, recruitment bonuses, and daily and hourly bonuses affect the total RTP. Sometimes collecting all these rewards can exceed the losses in the game by far. Social slots enable the player to choose the precise amount they want to bet and control the amount of RTP.


These are the five reasons that explain the growing popularity of social slots. Beside the value they provide via entertainment, social slots offer flexible RTP, bring the best from both worlds (land-based slots and online slots), and are available for play everywhere.



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