ONRUSH – Beta Impressions

The ONRUSH Open Beta should be available to everyone as of today! I got to experience it a day early and I’m here to share some quick opinions on what I’ve played so far.

The Good

  • The sense of speed is on point
  • It’s trying something new: There is no Finish Line, so for once it’s not important to be first (in fact, that just makes it less likely to perform takedowns)
  • When you fall back too far, the game launches you back into the action
  • The AI cars make sure there is always something going on (and they are a great source of RUSH)
  • Looks like there will be plenty of customisation options for your vehicles.
  • It looks great: plenty of things to see in the background, your tires leave tracks in the sand & snow, water and dust fly up as you race through.
  • I love the Photo Mode (every game should have this really…)

ONRUSH™ Open Beta_20180517000634

The Bad

  • Vehicles don’t seem balanced. Bikes seem to fragile and can’t take down other Player controlled cars (or at least not easily) But my opinion on this may shift once I get to play the full game and try out all the different game modes.
  • It takes too long to gather RUSH versus how long a race is. Most events are over in 2-3 minutes so I was only ever able to gain enough RUSH 1-2 times each race.
  • The track I played seems to be on the short side, I suspect they all loop back unto each other but I hope the other tracks have a bigger length so we don’t see the same stuff over and over again.
  • When you crash, you’re taken out of the game for a bit too long (letting you pick another class of vehicle in a menu, very similar to how a Battlefield game lets you pick a loadout before joining the fray again) –> this breaks immersion
  • Loading times took a bit too long and I couldn’t find a way to skip past the statistics at the end of every race –> Conclusion: getting into the next race from the previous one should happen a bit faster.
  • Server issues on the beta made it hard to get into games. I understand why this was the case for multiplayer games, but not why it prevented me from playing games against the AI so I could practice. I hope these issues get fixed by the time everyone can access the Open Beta.

ONRUSH™ Open Beta_20180517003331

I would advise everyone to give the Open Beta a try, it’ll help you form your own opinions on the game and will help you decide if it’s worth picking up on release day. Also, you’ll be rewarded for performing well with unique items for the full version:

ONRUSH™ Open Beta_20180516233417

An image says a 1000 words, so a video speaks millions. Here’s some gameplay footage of me testing the bike:

Be sure to let me know on Twitter what you think of the Open Beta!


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