Our Top 5 Adult Exclusive Games

There was once a time when playing games consisted of either marbles, a pack of 52, or a board with some counters. You can still do all of that, but it’s fair to say that comparatively, we now live in an era of immense choice and opportunity. This is 2018 where you can play whatever, whenever, wherever. No matter what your interests, passions, finances or location, there’s a game for you with countless humans around the world ready to go head-to-head testing your skills and abilities!

Premier League Fantasy Football

A concept which began in an era of print newspaper dominance has flourished into a global beast drawing in players from every corner of the world. Where once you could make only 2x transfers per season to your XI, you and nearly 6 million others have ‘Wildcards’, ‘Free Hits’ and ‘Bench Boosts’ at your disposal as you build, mould and constantly fine tune your squad over the course of the EPL season. With stats, blogs, podcasts and YouTube clips galore to trawl through, this is great for beginners and experts alike. It’s a beautiful game for the beautiful game.


Shadowgun Legends

Following on from the slam-dunk successes of Shadowgun and Shadowgun Deadzone, Shadowgun Legends was released on 20th March 2018. According to Madfinger Games, the publisher and developer, this is the best mobile RPG shooter game, and it’s free! As you’d expect, the more you play and develop, the more access to upgrades from unique weapons to armour and cosmetic items you will have. Play against other players in a group or solo format whilst exploring 4x planets with over 200 missions to choose from. As far as adult themed shoot-em-ups go, they don’t come much better than this! Tips and advice is at hand from numerous forums so you can always find that helping hand if a mission is proving particularly troublesome.


Cards For Humanity

The App version of Cards Against Humanity, the party game for horrible people! Whether or not you are horrible when you first pick a card, you will probably be more offended by yourself than ever before by the time you finish. With 600 cards in the deck it’s a simple game to play, ideally you’ll need 4x players and half a teaspoon of politically incorrectness. You choose a Card Tsar for each round and each player draws 10 white cards. The Tsar reads from a black card which you then match with 1 of your white cards to produce a plausible yet potentially nasty phrase. All phrases are read out with the Tsar choosing the funniest combination as the winner. There’s a sprinkling of Absolute Balderdash combined with a dystopian earth – best of all, there’s no winner. Just be truly disgusting.

Football Index

The world’s first football stock market where you can buy and sell footballers with real money. Most football fans consider themselves experts, and this truly gives them the opportunity to make and lose money based on actual players. As with any stock market, purely buying and selling wouldn’t work so there are daily dividends on offer for media buzz and regular game days where the top performers across the main positions are rewarded. Make sure you fully understand the rules, start with a small deposit and learn the markets. You probably never even dreamt that you could have Messi, Pogba, Ronaldo, Kane and Salah in your portfolio, well now you can!

Champion Raceway

With modern gameplay, 5x paylines and champion race horses charging down the track, Champion Raceway rewards with jackpot or free spins. It’s all about getting those reels spinning and the horses galloping to victory! One of the 600 strong games from the Casumo online casino, Champion Raceway brings together lemons, grapes, oranges and plums with all the excitement of the Grand National, and without a 365 day wait between each race. Colours mean bonuses at the races ranging from Pink giving you 5 free spins to Red which is a large jackpot. Get that horse to the finishing line and the prize is yours! Follow them on Twitter @Casumo to keep track of all those lucky jackpot winners.

We’ve not even scratched the surface of the immense options for adult exclusive games. For every horse race there’s a million enemy spaceships; for every repulsive humanity card there’s a talented exotic goal-scorer to put your faith in. Explore the planets, stick on some body armour, compete, win, destroy, laugh and cry. And remember, it’s only a game!

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