4 Effective Ways to Record Better Quality Gameplay Videos

Do you want to record high quality gameplay videos like the ones that you see on YouTube, Facebook and various other platforms? Have you tried to record gameplay videos in the past but found the quality to be wanting?

Although quality can be a tricky subject to navigate when it comes to gameplay videos, there are a few ways that you could improve the quality of your gameplay videos by leaps and bounds:

  • Record in high resolutions and framerates

Ideally you should always try to record gameplay videos at 1080p, or the highest resolution that is supported by your display and game. On the other hand while recording at framerates of 30 frames per second or higher is a good policy, if you really want your video to look smooth and perfect you should try to shoot for 60 frames per second.

Just remember that high resolution videos with high framerates will take up quite a bit of storage space.

  • Adjust the graphics settings to cope with the recording

Running a game while recording at the same time is going to place on load on your system’s resources – especially the CPU, GPU and RAM. If you find that the performance of the game is affected, you may want to adjust the graphics settings of the game accordingly.

Generally speaking it is better to reduce the graphics settings slightly than it is to have your game run at a low framerate, lag, or suffer from other performance issues. Try to slowly reduce the graphics settings until you find a suitable compromise between performance and quality.

  • Close unnecessary apps and background processes

Before you start recording, try to close any unnecessary apps and background processes so that they don’t leech system resources. Ideally the only apps that should be running are the game screen recorder as well as the game itself.

By freeing up system resources, you may be able to run the game with better graphics settings – and that in turn can help you to record better quality videos.

  • Upgrade your rig in the right places

As a final option, upgrading your computer could definitely help you to record better quality gameplay videos as it will be able to use better graphics settings while handling recording at the same time. That being said it is important that you upgrade the right places to get the most bang for your buck.

While the CPU and GPU do affect both your game as well as video recording, it can be costly to upgrade those areas. As such you may want to focus on other areas that can have a big impact – such as installing more RAM or switching from a regular hard disk drive to a SSD.

If you’re able to improve your graphics settings and record videos in high resolutions and framerates – your gameplay video quality should definitely look top notch. Hopefully now you know exactly what you need to do to make that happen, and you can try it out the next time you record a gameplay video.


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