How To Kill The Opponents in Titan Souls

Action adventure games are the games which are loved by most all over the world. There are several games which are under this genre and have millions of players all over the world. Action adventure games cover fighting games while keeping the adventure alive in it. There are several developers of the game which are keeping the genre interesting by adding elements like puzzle to it. These games require the same physical skill but also offer a storyline to the game. These are fast-paced pure adventure games and requires the player to face both physical and conceptual challenges.

One of these hybrid action-adventure games is Titan Souls The Truth. The game is a little tricky in the beginning but once you learn to control your avatar and start shooting the arrows where you need to shoot them, the game becomes actually smooth. The developer of the game Devolver Digital has added secret modes and tons of achievements, trophies to the game. Since the developer has been adding secrets to its other games as well, you can say that this game also has tons of secrets hidden somewhere. Titan Souls is a great game and is also the hardest games anyone has ever played. There are four main modes of the game which can be unlocked easily. Hard mode, ironman mode, No Dodge, and Run Mode, Truth mode.

In the first three modes, you need to beat the Titan Souls. Which sounds easy however, the problem usually players face is when they are required to find the secret boss. The game has same achievements for PC, PS4 and Vita versions. The only difference is that on the PC game they are called achievements while on PS4 and Vita they are known as trophies. If you have great gaming skills, it will only take you 10 hours to take all the trophies. Once you get them all, you will be given a Platinum Trophy.

All the modes need to be played with careful tactics. In the Iron Mode you only have a single life and if you die the game will end and you will be required to play it again from the beginning. There is also a safety measure trick which you can use. After each boss fight is won, simply quit the game since it is automatically saved so no worries. After quitting, go to PS4 dashboard and then to Application Saved Data Management. Your file will be there. Make a copy of it on your USB dongle. If you are playing the game on PC, you can access the same file from the location where the game is installed and saved files are placed.

There is a long way to reach the end of the game and meet the final boss. The brain boss. It is encased in a frozen cube and you are required to get him out of the frozen cube to kill him. Simply shoot a flaming arrow to get him out of the frozen cage and then again short another frozen arrow to kill him. This is perhaps the easiest titan souls achievement, you only need to wait for the flame to appear in the middle of the room to appear and then do your job.

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