Top 5 Most Picked League of Legends Heroes

A strong League of Legends team implements good communication and quick strategy thinking. Every team has to have thorough knowledge about LOL heroes that can help to defend as well as attack and players need to decide which champion to pick to counter their opponents. Knowing the backstory of heroes and how their powerful abilities have become a part of them will help players get creative. Preparation and past results in tournaments of teams will help esports fans decide on whom to bet on League of Legends.

Below are the top League of Legends heroes that most players would pick when practicing or competing in tournaments.

Lucian, The Purifier

This League of Legends hero is the best suited for the AD Carry position in-game. Lucian wields two powerful relic weapons with the abilities of his double shot Lightslinger, the piercing lightning bolts, dashing moves in relentless pursuit.



Before the iconic League of Legends, Lucian and his wife, Senna battled the evil force in Runeterra for years, lighting up the darkness. The inseparable couple were beacons of righteousness, bringing justice to those who were corrupt. Senna never hesitated while she kept focused on her dedication towards the favourable cause while Lucian’s compassion and sympathy had touched the hearts of those people they saved.

Tragedy struck for the couple in an encounter with Thresh, the devious soul collector who made an unexpected trick on Senna, trapping her soul in a spectral prison. There was nothing Lucian could do to bring back his beloved, so he was faced to continue the mission alone. His enemies took away his compassion and sympathy, with determination and a cold heart, he hopes that one day, he will avenge Senna.

His famous quote ‘Death at the door? Hmph, No, I am the one who knocks’ is, in fact, a reference to one of the great TV shows, Breaking Bad. No wonder, Lucian is one of the favourite League of Legends heroes that touched the hearts of professional players watching the TV series.

Ezreal, The Prodigal Explorer

The hero, Ezreal was named after a League of Legends gaming designer, Colt ‘Ezreal’ Hallam. The seventeen-year-old adventurer is best played in the AD Carry position, roaming Runeterra with his magical gauntlet that he recovered from the tomb of Ne’Zuk in Shurima. He possesses the ability to fire bolts and waves of energy while giving his allies attacking speed, teleporting and shooting at the enemy with energy missiles.

Ezreal was a quick learner and not a fan of studying; he managed to pass his assessments. He loved to escape from his teachers and go on adventures exploring and roaming about uncovering hidden secrets while also improving his lock-picking skills. He is famous for his quotes ‘This belongs in a Museum!’ for his knowledge of archaeology and ‘Noxians… I hate those guys…’ which both refer to the Indiana Jones movies.



League of Legends hero, Zoe has a secret crush on Ezreal, but she knows that he likes Lux and they could be in a relationship. The group of friends the explorer hangs out with are Jayce, Vi, Caitlyn, and from time to time, Ezreal likes to play poker with Twisted Fate but unfortunately never won a game.

Lee Sin, The Blind Monk

The disciplined master of martial arts, Lee Sin, is best played in the Jungle position in the League of Legends game. He is a blind warrior that channels the dragon spirit to help him face any war threats, dedicating his life to safeguard his homeland, Ionia.

Lee Sin is often underestimated for his contemplative conduct and proves his enemies wrong with his burning fists. He is famous for his abilities of Sonic Wave blasts, Dragon’s Rage powerful kicks, the safeguarding shield for him and his allies while also giving true sight for a few seconds.



The League of Legends skin, Dragon Fist Lee Sin is synonymous with Bruce Lee for his mannerisms, and his clothes in the movie Enter the Dragon. Lee Sin’s dance routine is taken from Shaolin Soccer and to celebrate the World Cup 2018; The Playmaker skin was released.

Yasuo, The Unforgiven

An agile swordsman from Ionia, Yasuo was wrongly accused of murdering an Elder. He is on the run to find evidence of the real killer that used a wind technique, an ability that only Yasuo has mastered.



The unforgiven Ionian plays the best positions as Mid Laner, Top Laner and AD Carry. You can find him wandering the streets with the wind as his guidance. Yasuo has the abilities to create a moving windshield to protect himself from enemies, inflicting magical damage with his Sweeping Blade, and strikes them hard until the opposing heroes take their last breath.

Yasuo being a vagabond says the quote “A wanderer isn’t always lost” which is similar to “Not all those who wander are lost” from the poem ‘All that is gold does not glitter’ by J.R.R. Tolkien, the same author of the trilogy novel, Lord of the Rings.

Pyke, The Bloodharbor Ripper

The League of Legends hero, Pyke was one of the best harpooners, making a living catching monstrous seas creatures. On one of his journeys, Pyke was swallowed alive by an enormous jaull-fish, but he survived. Known as The Bloodharbor Ripper, he has new supernatural abilities walking the dark streets of Bilgewater to kill those who make money off other people.

Pyke plays his best as a support assassin, regenerating his health with his gift of the Drowned Ones and Ghostwater Dive, hitting targets with his harpoon with Bone Skewer and stun enemies drawing them closer in a dash with Phantom Undertow.

Pyke is very proud and humorous showing his smooth moves, preparing himself for the war ahead. His dance routine is like that of the traditional Maori Haka Warrior dance.

Coincidentally, Pyke is also a location in the TV Show Game of Thrones that was based on a novel by George R.R. Martin. The word Pyke is associated with the Capital of the Iron Islands, a state within Westeros, where the people worship an idol called ‘the Drowned God’.

There is a reason why League of legends heroes are picked, perhaps it is the character or the abilities that the professional LOL players wished they had. Associating themselves with heroes is just a way for them to remember how powerful they can be in-game to help their esports team win tournaments. However, competition does not mean seriousness all the time. League of Legends champions have appealing characteristics to help ease the tension. Watch out for that inspirational dance routine or listen carefully to the heroes for they can crack jokes, you will not regret placing your best bet on League of Legends.


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