Rento Fortune – Monolit Tycoon Review (Xbox One)

What is Rento Fortune – Monolit Tycoon?
To put it as gently as possible, Rento Fortune is a game inspired by the Monopoly board game we all know and love. It has three basic gameplay modes: solo, local multiplayer and online multiplayer, the latter two can be played with up to 6 total people. Players take turns rolling dice, buying properties and collecting rent when others land on their properties. When you own each property of the same color you can build and upgrade houses. The more a house is upgraded, the more rent you will collect from your opponents. If a player runs out of money they are eliminated, they can mortgage any property they own for some money back but will no longer collect rent if someone lands on it. The person who does not go bankrupt, wins.


What I liked about Rento Fortune…
I found the idea of a no-frills Monopoly clone to be very refreshing. I’ve played the official Monopoly games on Xbox One and they seem to try too hard with fancy animations and cutscenes. Sometimes when you want to play a board game with friends, less is more. The turns move quickly which keeps everyone engaged and the experience more enjoyable.


There are a few unique additions to the game that I enjoyed. There are 4 subway spaces on the board, and if you own them all you can fast travel to any of them, provided you began your turn on a subway space. There is a spinner, ala Wheel of Fortune, that can either deduct your money, give you a money bonus or affect the game in other ways. I even was able to unleash a tornado upon my opponent’s house, knocking it down in scale and rental fees. These little inclusions are easy to overlook, but help set Rento Fortune apart. The price point of $9.99 USD costs less than other Monopoly games on the market, including the actual board game. It isn’t a stretch to say that Rento Fortune will easily pay for itself after one evening of party gaming. There are a handful of boards, each with its own theme, typically countries. Some country themed boards even have the properties written in their native language, which is a clever addition. You can also customize your pawn piece, dice and a few other options to tweak the experience to your liking.


What I didn’t like about Rento Fortune…
Often navigating the user interface can be frustrating and unintuitive, especially when proposing a trade. A task as simple as choosing properties to trade and trade for is much more cumbersome than it should be. There is also a slider where you can include cash in your trades that moves painfully slow. While eventually I got the hang of it, things can get tense when you are trying to propose a trade as your turn timer is running out.


While most of my online experience went smoothly, there were frequent issues when trying to accept a game invite. I would say one out of every three times my invite would not connect, and my opponents game would begin with a bot. Thankfully a quick second invite solved the problem every time, but it’s worth noting.


What are the achievements like?
Rento Fortune has 30 achievements for 1000 gamerscore, many of which require you to play online or against the CPU on hard difficulty. You can earn a handful of achievements for monopolizing the entire board or winning up to 10 times in a row online. This may seem hard but can be knocked out relatively painlessly with a good boosting partner. There are other achievements for building a certain number of houses and completing games under a real time limit. It isn’t the hardest list of 2018 but you will need at least 4 people with the game who are gung-ho to grind.


Final Thoughts:
Rento Fortune bills itself as the first and only true online multiplayer business game in the market. If you are going to create a game in the spirit of a classic, there is no better choice than Monopoly. I loved how Rento Fortune didn’t try to overly produce the game with pomp and circumstance. It’s a basic board game that kept my interest and attention. My only concern with recommending it for a party game is that the UI might give novice gamers some trouble. For the number of potential hours versus the $9.99 price, Rento Fortune is a gamble worth taking.

Rento Fortune - Monolit Tycoon





  • No-frills Monopoly keeps you engaged
  • Incredible replay value
  • Support for up to 6 players local & online


  • UI can feel unintuitive
  • Matchmaking hiccups online

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