Games With Gold July 2018 Predictions

Well, last month’s Games With Gold have been disappointing to most. With one of them even being content for Smite, a free to play game and another being yet another Assassins Creed Chronicles title. Personally, I could only bring myself to care about Sonic All-Stars Racing.

So let’s hope July brings us some better titles. With Xbox’s  E3 Press Conference happening later today, I’m hoping to find some inspiration for possible titles there:

Dark Souls II (Xbox One)

dark souls 2

Rumours have it that From Software is announcing up to three new titles at E3, so what better time to let us play one of the games in their hit series? The Original Dark Souls has already been a Games With Gold title in June 2014, so it’s not completely impossible that we’ll eventually see the other games offered for free through the service.

Dark Souls 2 divided the fanbase, there are those that swear by it but there is an equally large amount (or more) people that found it to stray too much from the formula that made the first game such a masterpiece.

Game Of Thrones – a Telltale Series (Xbox One)

Game of thrones

Telltale games have been no stranger on the Games With Gold lineup and while Game of Thrones may have been in the Playstation Plus lineup in July 2017, it hasn’t been featured in Xbox’s service (though being in Playstation’s feature may reduce its chances considerably, it’s not impossible)

A sequel is supposedly on the way, but they may wait to release it to coincide with the TV show as there is always the possibility that it takes place AFTER the events in the books and on the show.

NieR (Xbox 360)


This may seem like a wild guess, but I hope to see two things to come out of Xbox’s Press Conference: Finally some Japanese Xbox 360 title to come to the Backwards compatible program (Final Fantasy XIII, Tales of Vesperia, Asura’s Wrath, Eternal Sonata and more) and that previously Playstation Exclusive titles come over to Xbox One. NieR would tick both those boxes, as it would introduce it as a BC title + it’ll prepare people to play NieR: Automata (which I expect to be announced as an Xbox One title before the day is over)

EDIT: NieR Automata JUST got announced for Xbox One by Square Enix, will be digital only.

Critics and players seemed to disagree on NieR, with most review sites scoring it in the 60-70 range but the game has managed to gather a cult following among regular gamers and when they cried out for a sequel and Automata was released, they flocked to the title and put their money where there mouth is.

Wet (Xbox 360)


At first I was going to put Rage here, but that Bethesda title is already Backwards Compatible and it seems Microsoft likes to combine their Games With Gold with adding new games to the BC program, so I looked at other Bethesda titles and encountered Wet again. It’s another typical bethesda action title with over the top gunplay and stylish moves.

Both critics and the regular public alike were not too wild to get Wet (sorry) and it received mostly mediocre ratings. Recently I played Sairento VR and it did seem to have taken at least a small bit of inspiration from Wet though.

And you, which games do you expect (or hope) to see in July’s lineup? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!


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