Tunic, An Incredible Adventure Game

One of the most adorable little games launched at Microsoft’s E3 2018 is Tunic, a beautiful adventure game starring a cute, little fox in a world full of fantasies. The game offers not only nice graphics, but also pretty adventure. As you rush in, there are a lot of dangers and difficulties waiting for you.

Andrew Shouldice, the man behind this game, said that this is not what people call as a fox simulator. It is a true adventure game meant for real people who play video games. The game presents technical combat as well as decision making. There is only one way to win the game: you have to explore and plan carefully.

Enemies will come and you will have to fight for your life if you don’t want the game to end within a few seconds. You can avoid, slash your sword, block the attack, and even blow up some explosive device to attack your enemies. In fact, the deeper you get into the game the more complex tools and tactics you will get.

This is a perfect game to spend your time. With lots of fascinating locations: underground temple, gothic cathedral, haunted forest etc., you will find a lot of fun while playing this game. Whatever you do before playing the game, you will find out how enjoying this game is, even if you play W88 games before. At some places, you will realize that the cute fox is equipped with a magic meter. Once the meter is full, you can use it to blast off a short-range attack to incapacitate your enemies. It may only last for a few seconds, but still it can buy you some time. The good news is, you can also combine this short-range attack with other weapons to deliver more impact to your enemies.

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